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Captain Kiala

Name Kiala MD

Position U.S.S. Hippocrates Commanding Officer

Second Position Surgeon

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian / Human

Physical Appearance


Personality & Traits

Personal History Born shortly after the destruction of the planet El-Auria, Kiala spent most of her young life under the watchful eyes of her parents due to the loss of so many of their species to the Borg. This constant Supervision became problematic for her as she had ambitions to explore the galaxy. When she came of age she chose to leave her family and accept a role in Starfleet as an explorer.

Shortly after graduation from Starfleet Academy's Deneva Annex, she met a Vulcan Officer and developed a personal relationship that led to her first child, an El-Aurian Vulcan hybrid named J'Nea. This led to her decision to transfer from frontline operations to serving aboard a Starbase as family members were permitted to be brought aboard a Starbase at the time. This led her to also reunite with her family as her career began to blossom.

Nonetheless, her relationship with the Vulcan Officer began to fail and her career began to stall due to her lack of graduate level studies. She opted at this time not to reenlist in Starfleet and entered civilian service. She moved to Ivor Prime Colony where she began working as a paramedic for the central hospital while raising her daughter. Her family also chose to move to Ivor Prime to be closer to her.

During that time she met a young, fellow El-Aurian Starfleet Officer named Dazad. The two became fast friends and their relationship blossomed into a full love affair a short time afterward. The two married and tried to have children, but failed after multiple attempts. They remained together; however, Dazad opted to remain in Starfleet and was assigned to serve on a deep space exploration vessel. This impacted their relationship; however, they chose to remain together.

During this time, Kiala decided to attend a private medical school on the Ivor Colony to become a surgeon. This was after gathering significant support from her coworkers whom realized she had a strong affinity for the medical craft. Through a great deal of time and perseverance she was able to graduate with honors and began her internship at the central hospital on Ivor Prime. Upon completion of her training she was offered a full position at the hospital as a member of its surgical staff.

She remained at the Ivor Prime Hospital for many years before Starfleet reversed its decision to ban family members from being aboard the same vessel. At the insistence of her spouse, Kiala moved with her husband to his new assignment aboard a Galaxy Class Starship with her serving as a civilian researcher amongst the medical staff. During their time aboard the ship, Kiala became pregnant and was recommended to rejoin Starfleet by the vessel's medical staff. Despite her previous appointment, Starfleet Medical was not able to restore her to her previous rank and status. Additionally, around 2370, Beatrix became pregnant with her first child with Dazad.

Due to the dangers of shipboard service, Dazad and Kiala both requested transfer and were approved to serve aboard Deep Space Nine. With the outbreak of the Dominion War, Kiala is transferred to Starfleet Medical on Earth and her son, Willan, goes with her. They are nearly killed during the Breen attack at the end of the war. Dazad himself also requests reassignment and is transferred to Earth to assist with the rebuilding process. Dazad does not remain on Earth for long and returns to Starship service, with Willian going with his father in 2379. Kiala remains at Starfleet Medical during this time period, but would later join them during a civilian tenure.

When her son entered Starfleet Academy in 2389, Kiala began to focus more on her career and accepted her own assignment to a deep space explorer on a five year mission of exploration. She was injured during a tense first contact situation, but was able to make a full recovery.

In 2395 she requested transfer to Valhalla Fleet Yards where she remained until 2399 when her husband arranged her transfer to DS12. Shortly afterward, Starfleet Command reassigned Commodore Dazad to serve as Alpha Quadrant Commanding Officer and Commander Kiala was promoted and assigned to serve as Commanding Officer of the hospital vessel Hippocrates.
Service Record 2311 - 2315 - Starfleet Academy Deneva Annex
2315 - 2318 - USS Magellan, Nurse
2318 - 2320 - Starbase 12, Nurse
2320 - 2325 - Starbase 47, Head Nurse
2325 - 2340 - Ivor Prime Colonial Hospital, Paramedic
2340 - 2347 - Medical School
2347 - 2362 - Ivor Prime Colonial Hospital, Surgeon
2362 - 2370 - USS Enterprise, Civilian Medical Doctor; Medical Officer
2370 - 2373 - Deep Space 9, Medical Officer
2373 - 2379 - Starfleet Medical, Medical Officer
2379 - 2389 - USS Enterprise, Medical Officer
2389 - 2394 - USS Pioneer, Chief Medical Officer
2394 - 2395 - Starfleet Medical, Medical Officer
2395 - 2399 - Vallhalla Fleet Yards, Chief Medical Officer
2399 - 2399 - Deep Space 12, Medical Officer
2399 - - USS Hippocrates, Commanding Officer