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Vincent Sinclair

Name Vincent Sinclair

Position Morale Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 90kg (195 lbs)


Family Spouse Iy'dan Brell
Father: Stuart
Mother: Mabel
Brothers: Caine Age 40, Dustin Age 38
Sister: Maggie age 34

Other family: Uncle Sinclair
Cousin: Cassandra Higgins

Personality & Traits

Personality Overview Vincent is a congenial man though he can be rather serious especially where physical well being is concerned. He believes that the health of mind and body is very important. Vincent has a very caring nature, but also has a strength of will as well. He is creative, loves to cook. And also has a thirst for learning things. He has no problem opening his mind to new learning experiences.

Strengths:Keen eye for details, creative, has a natural love for people. Open to learning more, subtle intellect. Can be spontaneous. Attentive. Thirst for knowledge. Adventurous. Love for I'ydan.

Does have some bouts of self-doubt, Sometimes gets too involved in a project and loses track of time. Has a slight tendency to plan things as well. It clashes with his spontaneity at times. Somewhat of an over-achiever.

Ambitions Professional: Vincent has had an avid interest in staying fit ever since he was young. Might be due to his parents being of that mindset. He wanted to have his own gym and run a health spa connected to it. He is currently working on that and is rather happy.

Personal Ambition.
He is with the man whom he's had feelings for, for quite a number of years. Being with Iy'dan has certainly made his life on an even keel.

Hobbies & Interests Cooking, Musical Theater, Dancing and singing. Athletics, Gardening. Piano. Massage Therapy. Physical Therapy. Herbalism. Thai Chi with a small smattering of self defense. He is still engaging in that.

Loves to swim and surf and do outdoor activities. He loves history, and has keen interest in expanding his knowledge, in different sciences, especially botany.

Skills and Certifications of Vincent.

He's a trained medic, a physical therapist, dietician. Chef, Plus personal trainer. Massage Therapist. (Overachiever comes into play here)

Personal History Vincent was born and raised in the City of Port Angeles where he had the view of the ocean nearby and the majestic forest land of the Olympic National Forest, and the view of the Olympic Mountains. He with his siblings would accompany their parents on trips who were Scientists in their own right. His mother is a botanist, with a minor of history. His father is a geologist and an marine bioligist.

One would ask why with that sort of family background, Vincent didn't go into the sciences. Well he was more into the physical part of life. He was also inspired by his uncle who ran the gym near Star Fleet Academy. His uncle Henry was very much into physical fitness. And when Vincent graduated from High School he went to live at his uncle's place and also started college, and worked at his Uncle's gym.

That is where he met Iy'dan, Kaylee and the others, plus with Vincent being into sports he got chances to become friends with that group. He was disappointed that Iy'dan was with Kaylee, as Vincent had strong feelings for the trill scientist. Something about the man just drew him in. Vincent also decided to get into the theater arts. He had noticed that Kaylee was into that and had gotten Iy'dan into it. Vincent decided to see what the interest was in theater. At first he was reluctant, then found that he really liked it. Vincent at that time had decided to hide the fact that he liked theater. However when Iy'dan ended up leaving, and the same for Kaylee, Vincent acknowledged that he like the theater and went into it. It was his secret that he didn't speak about, outside of the theater group.

Vincent graduated from college, went on towards physical therapy, and also became a civilian medic. Vincent had wondered that perhaps his zeal for learning pushed him into being an over-achiever. And perhaps Vincent was trying to fill that void he had inside wanting to find that one person whom would fit him and his life. He had left a relationship that didn't work out, deciding to just leave for space. He wanted to do some exploration of his own, but not be of Star Fleet. Vincent found himself on SB50. wanting to also get away from a former boyfriend on Earth. Vincent was on SB50 for a couple of years or so. He felt that there wasn't anything there for him. Then Vincent and Iy'dan met by chance. And Vincent found out that Iy'dan was going to be leaving that station.

Vincent threw caution to the wind, and left with Iy'dan to be where he would be. They decided that they could be together and got married. A new life, a new start and now a new beginning in unfamiliar surroundings. Good thing Vincent has a sense of adventure as well.
Service Record Shop owner, ran a fitness center on SB 21.