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Ensign Lela Tanors

Name Lela jasal Tanors

Position Security Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill(Unjoined)
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 101


Family No Spouce, No kids
Parents: Dad: Serzaa Tanors , Mom: Rinha Tanors,
1-Brothers: Naarval Tanors 1 Sister: jeened Tanors

Personality & Traits

Personality Overview Personality Overview- Lela is a strong willed Trill who always gets her job done right ,she was a straight A student , on Trill but still havent been joined yet, but she is waiting for her chance to be joined with her own Symbiont... She followed her 1 and only brother to starfleet and taught to be trained through other Starfleet Instructors.
Starfleet instructors were impressed on what Lela Tanors can do being a Trill and all..Her brother Naarval is also unjoined and waited for his chance to be joined too.
But as for Lela she just moves on and hoping her chance to be joined. She has been moving on through out her Starfleet Career , to be assigned to a ship or Starbase
she wasn't picky on that she just wanted to be herself with all her spots all the way down and follow orders , she wasn't gonna mess up her Starfleet Career, and do the job she was told to do...

Personal History Lela is well liked girl she made many friends through out Starfleet, and kept in touch with them , through out their carriers , she also kept in touch with family to let them know ahow she is doing , and hows life as a star fleet officer.
Her Strength is mostly her will to survive, as she is a strong willed person. And she will stick to that and follow what command has to say. As for her weaknesses Her only fault is when she was running an olympic track,an Tripped and fell on one of the track bars they jumped over, she was never good at Leaping high, but she tried her best,. A few times with Target practice her aim with a phaser really wasn't steady as well, but she tries...
Service Record Her first ship was anAcademy shi[ Training and feeling how it would be on a Starship, then did a holodeck training on how to server on a Starbase.
First assignment : USS- Michigan(OOC: im not good on stardates) – she would serve as Security ,then they decided to give her the challenge of being a Marine to really test her skills.