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Lieutenant Commander Conall Rovaris

Name Conall Rovaris

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El Aurian
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 175 lbs


Personality & Traits

Personal History A child of the El Aurian’s new world, Kaitos, Conall grew up in Lan Edhil, a small farming village on the Wishwal continent. Conall’s parents were a former academic and military commander turned farmers. They wanted a simpler life, at least for a while, and the job of feeding the planet may not have seemed as such but given what they had done previously it was.

Conall is the youngest of 12 and one of the first Katios born and bred children.

Growing up there was a blessing and a curse. On the one hand it was great to have a new home, somewhere to build and call their own. Somewhere to feel safe after their exodus from El Auria. On the other side it was almost like a prison in which you had to ‘do your time’ to build it up. The fear of leaving and losing more of the species ever present. Over the last decade or so things have relaxed and slowly the reins loosened.

Conall helped out on the family farm and as such had a build that showed such. As much as technology helped they still did a lot by hand and his physique only complimented the work. This was alongside his education so his days were long and hard, but the benefit was both learning skills that would benefit his people at home and his skills as a person as he grew himself.

At the age of 40 one on Kaitos an El Aurian is meant to go into their specialised field. This can be anything from military, science either a particular field or medical, engineering and many other more niche areas.

Conall decided Starfleet would be his route of choice. This was not welcomed by all. His brothers understood, most of them, and his father but his mother and some of his sisters wanted him to stay.

He joined Starfleet he excelled in security fields and his four years were quick and painless as he graduated from his class with high honours in security, tactical and a small commendation for intelligence gathering.

During Conall's assignment to the Oslo he was part of an away team that led a group of Romulan refugee's back to their world. Their ship had became trapped in the gravity of a gas giant and some of their 'livestock' got free. These critters were nasty and some had to be put down but eventually they manged to get the rest rounded back up and the ship back on its way.

Worked under Captain Shaw on the Titan-A and has great respect for him. He assisted the Captain on an away mission on a couple of occasions and they still keep in touch.
Service Record Starfleet Academy, Cadet - 2386 -> 2390
Security Officer, USS Oslo - 2390 -> 2394
Asst. Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Titan-A - 2394 ->2399
Chief Security/Tactical Officer, DS12 - 2399 -> PRES