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Lieutenant Commander Michael Harris

Name Michael Tyrion Harris

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 4'5"
Weight 110 lbs


Family Walter Harris (Father) - Physicist
Jennifer Harris (Mother) - Chemist
Eric Harris (Older Brother) - Lieutenant Starfleet Corps of Engineers
John Harris (Younger Brother) - Violinist
Toni Harris (Younger Sister) - Starfleet Judge Advocate General's Office

Personality & Traits

Personality Overview Michael was born with achondroplasia which is a form of dwarfism. It was discovered too late in his mother's pregnancy for them to correct it. He has a rich and profound voice. Michael also has a scar on his left eye. This is due to an accident that he sustained during his time at Starfleet Academy. He keeps his wavy hair mussed as he feels styling it would be a sign of vanity. He also has a brown beard that he sometimes trims into a goatee.

Michael is a bit overbearing at times as he is never sure if someone is going to make a remark at his expense. This comes from years of being teased during his childhood. He has an analytical mind that evaluates every situation and finds the solution. He truly believes that science will solve all problems that are presented and attempts to prove this belief true. Once his loyalty and friendship is earned he is a fierce friend who will go above and beyond to help all. Starfleet is merely a stepping stone for him as he intends to follow in his parents footsteps and go into research as soon as he learns all he can from Starfleet.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Logical

+ Genius Level IQ

+ Alaytical

+ Egalitarian

- Aloof

- Distrustful of almost everyone

- Single Minded

- Alcoholic


Unlike most Starfleet Officers Michael does not want to become a Starfleet Captain. Ideally he would leave Starfleet and explore his own research into the meaning of the universe. He would also love to teach at Starfleet Academy or the Daystrom Institute. His most cherished ambition is to one day win the Vulcan Science Award for physics.

Hobbies & Interests

Horseback Riding, Poker, Kalto, Reciting Shakespeare, Chess. He also enjoys exploring science in the ways of the ancients such as Galilei and others. He enjoys performing in plays and musicals. He is also fond of his drink.

Personal History Michael was born on Earth in the year 2364. His childhood was a rough one being that he had Dwarfism. No one had seen a child with that affliction and so his childhood was marred with teasing.

He was very fortunate to have his siblings as they would come to his defense. His parents made sure that what Michael lacked in stature he made up for with brains. They introduced science to him at a very young age and he seemed to have an aptitude for it. He also had an aptitude for the performing arts, acting and singing mostly. At the age of 15 his parents had is IQ tested and they learned that he was genius. They also learned that unlike most people he used both sides of his brain. This would explain his aptitude for both the sciences and the arts.

At the age of 18 he enrolled Starfleet Academy. His parents were against his enrollment. However, when Michael explained to them that it was a stepping stone to his own research facility they accepted it. Michael excelled at the Academy and graduated as the valedictorian of his class. He had majored in Astral Physics with a minor in temporal mechanics. During his sophomore year Michael attempted to show that the reaction in a warp chamber could be controlled directly. While doing so his experiment exploded which resulted in the scar on his face. When he graduated he was given his choice of postings. Michael chose to be posted as a member of the Science Department aboard Deep Space Nine. He wanted to research the worm hole there.

While at Deep Space Nine his eyes were opened to something he never thought possible. That science could be bent and manipulated to suit ones needs. This became evident as he learned all he could about the wormhole and the aliens that resided within it. In 2388 he was transferred to the USS Churchill at the request of Starfleet Command. He served as that vessels Assistant Chief Science Officer. Command chose him for the posting as the Churchill's mission delved into temporal mechanics so they saw Michael as a perfect fit. In 2390 while aboard the Churchill the Nebula Class vessel got caught in a temporal loop. It was Michael's quick thinking and course of action that saved the ship. Michael was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for his efforts. Michael enjoyed his time on the Churchill however, as it was in Starfleet in 2394 he was transferred to the USS Sutherland.

Aboard the Sutherland he was appointed to lead Stellar Cartography, something that Michael thought he was not suited for. However, it became another learning experience for him. It was on this vessel that he learned humility. For although he was smart he did not know everything. The Sutherland lead to a number of close friendships and romances for the young man. For the first time since his childhood he truly felt at home.

In 2396 Michael was called into the Captain's Ready Room aboard the Sutherland and given the wooden box that every Starfleet Officer longs to receive. He was promoted to full Lieutenant for exemplary service. Later that year Michael was appointed the Sutherland's Chief Science Officer. This was also when he met the only woman to date that he would consider marrying her name was Tara and she had stolen his heart. Even though their romance was a heavy one they both knew that they were married to the fleet and that would always come first. So their relationship was passionate but short lived, lasting only a year.

2396 would come to be a big year for Michael. It would be during this year that one of his largest experiments would come to fruition and he would receive to accolades for his hard work. In May of that year he discovered that while everyone knew time travel to be possible, he discovered a way to control it. His methods were still experimental and needed a lot more testing. But Starfleet saw the potential there and approved his work to continue while he served in the fleet. Michael Harris was granted both the Stephen Hawking Award for Temporal Physics and a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

So it was in 2399 when Michael received his orders to report to Deep Space 12 for service as the Chief Science Officer, and Quantum Theorist. He looked at it as a big break. A station in deep space would surely give him the setting he needed to achieve his goals. Michael knew that life was all about learning and teaching. He now wondered what new things he was in store to learn.
Service Record 2382 - 2383 - Starfleet Academy Freshman Year

2383 - 2384 - Starfleet Academy Sophomore Year

2384 - 2385 - Starfleet Academy Junior Year

2385 - 2386 - Starfleet Academy Senior Year

2386 - Graduates Starfleet Academy top of his class. Granted the rank of Ensign and posted to Deep Space Nine Science Department.

2388 - Transferred to the USS Churchill to take the post of Assistant Chief Science Officer

2390 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for actions involving the temporal loop incident aboard the Churchill.

2394 - Transferred to the USS Sutherland as the Head of Stellar Cartography

2396 - Promoted to Lieutenant for exemplary performance

2398 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and is given the Hawking Award for Temporal Physics.

2399 - Transferred to Deep Space 12 as Chief Science Officer