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Captain Zseeq

Name Zseeq

Position U.S.S. Saratoga Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Deltan
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 185


Family Ambassador Tsow, Father
Captain Bloo, Mother
Commander Zlei, Sister
Captain Tsozz, Brother
Lieutenant Commander Yodrot Martaa, Ex-Wife
Commander Thritti sh'Pyllao, Ex-Wife
Zseeq Diji, Son

Personality & Traits

Personality Overview Zseeq is highly intelligent and intellectual, often referencing historical figures and scholarly facts to support his point of view. He is, however, a product of his upbringing and desperately seeks the love of a family. Having been pushed by his parents his entire life, Zseeq longs for approval and his career has been driven by this goal which has only been furthered by his own ambition. He can be, at times, arrogant. His romantic relationships are intense and has been married twice after short relationships that ultimately ended just as quickly. His only lasting relationship has been with his son, but he is challenged by the distance between them.

Personal History Born in 2365 on Delta IV, Zseeq is the son of Federation Ambassador Tsow and his wife Captain Bloo of Starfleet. The youngest of the family, Zseeq often compared himself to his older siblings and his parents did little to discourage the competition between their children, believing that it helped to drive their children to success. This was compounded by the length of time that their parents were away on assignment, with the family shifting time between Earth and Starbase 47 to spend time with each of their parents.

When he was old enough to enter school, Zseeq was enrolled and accepted into the Deltan Academy on his parent's homeworld of Delta IV. Zseeq used his drive to please his parents and outshine his siblings. Zseeq was a bit of an outcast at the academy and only had a single friend, who Zseeq would later turn on to gain acceptance from others at the academy. In time, Zseeq's popularity rose to the point he was one of the most popular people on campus; however, this still did little to impact his feelings about himself and his relationships with others remained strained.

Nothing, however, was as impactful upon his life as the death of his mother during the Dominion War. Despite their strained relationship, Zseeq was deeply traumatized by his mother's death and his studies were impacted. Zseeq lost his appointment to the Deltan Academy and was forced to move in with his father on Earth. Resuming studies there, Zseeq was forced to start from the very beginning and barely survived. It was only through the influence of his father and his mother's sacrifice that Zseeq would be accepted into Starfleet Academy.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
Enrolled in Starfleet Academy's Class of 2386, Zseeq chose to follow in his mother's footsteps and studied Operations with a focus on Starship Operations Management. While he was driven through competition to rise through the ranks, his prior history and the method by which he entered the Academy did not win him many friends or favor from his fellow classmates. He did, however, start a relationship with fellow cadet Yodrot Martaa, whom he would later marry.

USS Archimedes
Cadet Zseeq was selected to complete his midshipman cruise aboard the Obena Class USS Archimedes under the command of Captain Sonya Gomez. Captain Gomez had been a former colleague of his mother, which led to Zseeq being invited to remain aboard the Archimedes following his graduation.

Zseeq would serve aboard the Archimedes until 2392, service in which he rose in both rank and stature within Starfleet. The Archimedes was primarily assigned to patrol the former Romulan Neutral Zone and was heavily involved in the fallout of the destruction of the Romulan homeworld. During his time on the Archimedes, Zseeq's relationship with Yodrot Martaa also came to an end as he had had an affair with a member of the crew of the Archimedes while his wife served aboard the Dauntless.

USS DaVinci
Zseeq transferred to the Obena Class USS DaVinci in 2392 to serve as the Chief Operations Officer aboard the vessel with the rank of Lieutenant. Assigned to a five-year mission near Cardassian space, the assignment to the DaVinci took Zseeq away from the universe that he knew and essentially placed him in a new one. His understanding of the Cardassian Union grew substantially, which led to a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and appointment to Deep Space Nine two years into his assignment aboard the DaVinci.

Deep Space Twelve
Assigned to Deep Space Twelve in 2394, Zseeq would serve as Chief of Operations under Rear Admiral Gregory MacCray. During his time aboard DS12, Zseeq would be involved in overseeing the supply convoys that traveled through the region to Cardassian territory and monitored potential True Way activity within the region. At the recommendation of Admiral MacCray, Zseeq was promoted to Commander and made Executive Officer of DS12 in 2398.

As part of his assignment as XO of DS12, Zseeq would also serve as Commanding Officer of the Starship Geronimo. The USS Geronimo was an Akira Class starship that was an historic component of the history of the Maelstrom Sector. While most would be happy to command a starship, Zseeq was less than thrilled by the age of the Geronimo and its position escorting supply runs throughout the Maelstrom Sector.

In was during this time that Zseeq met Thritti sh'Pyllao, his replacement as Chief Operations Officer on Deep Space 12. The two began a relationship that led to marriage; however, their marriage would quickly be annulled.

USS Saratoga
Following the discovery of his relationship with Thritti sh'Pyllao and the retirement of Admiral Gregory MacCray, Zseeq was transferred to the USS Saratoga to serve as First Officer under Captain Ospak. Feeling himself a logical candidate to command a vessel like the Saratoga, Zseeq was frequently at odds with Captain Ospak during his brief tenure aboard the Saratoga. Agreeing to remain aboard until after the relaunch of the vessel for Frontier Day, Zseeq agreed with Captain Ospak that he would petition for reassignment soon afterward.

During the Borg Invasion of 2401, Zseeq was able to escape the Bridge before he was to be executed by the co-opted Borg drones among the Saratoga's crew. Gathering a group of personnel below decks, Zseeq was able to launch an attack upon the Port Engine Room that led to the group overtaking Engineering and recovering it from the Borg following their disabling of the vessel's power systems.

Despite having agreed to leave the Saratoga after Frontier Day, Zseeq was promoted to Captain and assigned to command of the Saratoga after Captain Ospak's death.