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Lieutenant JG John Fitzgerald

Name John Fitzgerald

Position U.S.S. Saratoga Chief Flight Control/Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 200 lbs


Family Father- Scott Fitzgerald
Mother- Cassandra Fitzgerald

Personality & Traits

Personality Overview John is a man of athletic build, with a face that puts people at ease

Personal History As a boy in Colorado, John enjoyed the open spaces of his parents home and not being around too many people, unless it was at school. He was fascinated with flying from a young age, in his free time he learned about everything that makes a starship fly. He wanted to learn to fly them and do it like no one ever had before. It was then he decided he was going to be in Starfleet. He went through grade school with ease, grades being high so he could get into the Academy. Once he got accepted into the Academy, he went straight to flight school. He studied hard and passed all of his exams with flying colors. After graduation, he was assigned to the USS Valiant as a Flight Control officer. During his First year aboard, his best friend, one of the engineers by the Name of T.J. Grayson, was killed in a horrific accident during a routine check of the warp plasma. Fitzgerald was broken inside by this, and he has kept to himself from that point on. Several Telepaths and counselors have tried helping him, but his mother taught him when he was a child, how to shield his mind from outside sources. "I don't like other people being in my head." he said. He continued aboard the Valiant for the next two years before being transferred. His next assignment was the USS Victory as her Chief Flight Control Officer. It was that ship where he really made something of himself. He learned to be more social, more trusting. He made several friendships along the way. He would go on to be the Victory's Chief Helmsman for years, continually learning and growing into the person he is today. He has taken the last year as a leave of absence on Earth to visit his mother and be with her for her passing. As of this stardate, he's ready to get back into action.
Service Record Starfleet Academy, 4 Years
USS Valiant- Flight control Officer, Assistant Chief Flight control officer, 3 Years
USS Victory- Chief Flight Control Officer, 3 years
Leave of Absence, Earth, 1 year