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Lieutenant Commander Melanie D'BrooNi- Haistro

Name Melanie D'BrooNi- Haistro

Position U.S.S. Saratoga Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5"8"
Weight 120lb


Family Spouse - Ian Brooks (Widowed), Keiben Haistro (Widowed)
Children - Patrick Brooks - Age 19 currently at the academy
Charlotte (Charlie) Brooks - Age 16
Informed deceased son with Keiben

Father - Tian Rallix
Mother - Ruby Rallix (Deceased 2389)
Brother - Tay Rallix

Personality & Traits

Personality Overview General Overview – Mel was born on Trill to a Joined father and unjoined mother. She was lucky enough to be selected by the Symbosis commission to be joined with the D’BrooNi symbiont at age 18. She had always known she wanted to be a doctor and as soon as she was deemed successfully blended with D’BrooNi she made her way to Starfleet with both her parent’s blessings.

She has a good moral compass and frequently goes with her gut reaction. She is also kind, friendly and outgoing, often becoming almost a mother figure in other people’s lives. She has an interest in learning about and studying traditional alien medicine as well as science within her career.

Personal History Born in 2351 to a medical assistant and botanist it was of no surprise Mel grew up with an interest in medicinal matters. She enrolled in medical school on Trill at a young age having managed to get through high school and college at an accelerated rate and was selected by the symbiosis council with an offer to be paired with D'BrooNi at age 18.

Upon the pairing she could see the benefit of Starfleet from prior hosts experiences and interactions and decided she could better help people as a doctor by making the Academy her next stop managing to transfer on a part Trill degree. She graduated with honours putting in a lot of hard work and spent several years on the USS Dark Phoenix under Captain Marcus Brahms and eventually K'Nara Corval.

She met her husband Ian at 22 fresh out the academy on her first posting where he was a security officer and was married in 2380. They had two children - Paddy born out of wedlock in 2377 and Charlie born 6 years later in 2383. On the Phoenix her younger brother lived with her a while as their mother returned to Trill spouting family business but it turned out to be she was battling an illness. Mel and her family took a hiatus from Starfleet in 2387 for 2 years and went home to Trill to look after her but sadly she deteriorated and was lost to them. Mel to this day still tries to research the rare disorder she developed, hoping one day to help eradicate anyone else falling to it.

They then moved to Earth and lived with Ian's parents in England, Mel going to work in an academy medical research team. Ian took up security again in the main complex. Eventually though the adventure bug took her husband and they agreed to take on another commission joining the crew of the USS Copernicus. Ian lost his life guarding a VIP guest when the current Captain was negotiating a peace treaty onboard in 2393. The report on this has been put the "eyes only."

She is D'BrooNi's 8th host and rarely speaks much about them although she seems to be since the recent attack which resulted in Keiben Haistro, Tamaska Holt and herself becoming the new Captain, XO and second officer seems to be opening up more.

To date we know that D'BrooNi is roughly 900 years old and has had the following hosts and this is what we know so far:

Hal - Linguistics specialist
Mina - Housewife
Jarod -
Althur -
Kaal - Pilot
Leiko - Courtesan and Ambassador
Tiza -
Melanie - Doctor

In her time at DS21 she married Keiben and for a little while things were harmonious. She was pregnant with their son, an oddity of genetics who was part T'Kon as well as Trill and Betaziod due to an encounter with an ancient machine which did some modifying to her DNA in a Tkon Base the crew of DS21 encountered.

The marriage broke down when Keiben was possessed by an alien parasite queen and she fled the station afraid for her life. Mel ended up going into labour in shock when she heard the news of her husbands demise. She gave birth to her son onboard a ship back to Earth and was informed he was born still born.

Mel spent some time recuperating with both her grown up children on Earth, seeing a counselor for her most recent losses and sorting all the legal aspects out now she was widowed again before returning back to her Starfleet career and healing people once more.
Service Record USS Dark Phoenix - 2375 - Assistant CMO and eventually CMO
Starfleet Academy - 2390 after a 2 year hiatus - Medical research team member for 2 years
USS Copernicus - 2391
Deep Space 21 - 2392 - to 6 months ago.
USS Saratoga - Present day