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Lieutenant Zhi'rev

Name Zhi'rev

Position U.S.S. Saratoga Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 182 cm
Weight 84 kg


Family Husband: Sethan
Daughter Saeihr ( star), born 2400, species Romulan (10months)
Daughter Mnheia (ruler), born 2396, species Romulan

Personality & Traits

Personality Overview Zhi is a tall Vulcan who at first glance appears super controlled and passive but upon closer look is actually quite emotive. Though in his mid forties, he appears very young. Due to his very pale complexion it could be thought he is always sick.

His Vulcan name is Zhai arev - grey wind.

Very light brown hair
Pale brown eyes
Slender and tall like many Vulcans upswept eyebrows and a pale green complexion.

Strength and weakness:
+ understands emotions
+ touch-telepath
+ social

- emotional outbursts
- impulsive
- very protective of his husband

Growing up with practically nothing, Zhi has no really defined ambitions. He simply strives to do his job to the best of his abilities and be a good husband to his bondmate.

Hobbies and interests:
In his free time, Zhi likes to busy himself with scientific puzzles as well as spend time with his bond mate Sethan, who is an enlisted medical officer.

Personal History Zhi'rev was raised mostly in an orphanage on Vulcan, amon those that claim to 'be without logic', the V'Tosh k'atur. He has no ties to any of the Vulcan clans that has been able to uncover and he has decided that trying to find his origins is both illogical and a waste of precious time.

As a teenager, he was fast on his feet, enjoying sports that required endurance and speed. As many Vulcan male, he trained with traditional weapons in case he might need them in Time of need. However, by the time he reached the age of twenty it was obvious that Zhi -who had not been bonded as a child- had no interest in the female spectrum of his species, or any other species. Instead, he was caught pursuing males of his own age.

When he became of age, he attended the Vulcan science academy where he graduated with honours , having pursued his interest in planetary science. His curiosity ever growing, Zhi made the decision to leave Vulcan and attend Starfleet academy.

During his tenure at Starfleet academy, going through the command track as well as teaching first year science, he met Sethan, a Vulcan male his own age. Like himself, Sethan had shown no interest in females their own age and after a brief courtship, the two were formally bonded. Unlike Zhi, however, Sethan did not pursue a career as officer, choosing the life of an enlisted medical officer instead. This arrangement suited them as they both advanced through the ranks, choosing their assignments such that they could stay together.

When an offer came for Zhi to advance to the position of first officer to further his command training, he took the opportunity with an eagerness that might be considered unworthy of a Vulcan's emotional display. (Or expected lack thereof)
Service Record 2341 - born on Vulcan
2359 - attended Vulcan Science academy
2363 - graduated Vulcan Science academy
2365 - attended starfleet academy
2369 - graduated Starfleet academy
2369- 2380 - various posting
2381 - accepted teaching position at starfleet academy to take a break from spacebound missions

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