Deep Space 12 Locations

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Red Sector: Administration

Red Sector: Administration consists of the uppermost levels of Deep Space 12 and is responsible for the overall command and coordination of operations aboard the station. Multiple communications antennaes, sensor telescopes, and the station's auxiliary computer core were located in this section of the station. Traffic Control functions were also handled through the Administration Sector. In addition to these command centers, Red Sector also features accommodations for station crew and visitors. Access to Red Sector was restricted to station personnel and official guests of the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet.

Operations Complex "The Bunker"

Located in the Administrative Section of Deep Space 12 the Operations Complex - or "The Bunker" as it is more affectionately known - is the primary command and control level of the DS12 station. Despite its importance to the mission of the station, the Bunker was installed in 2399 to replace the aging Operations Center for the outpost and began life as Deck One aboard the decommissioned Nova Class Starship USS Auriga.

Executive Officer's Office

Executive Officer's Office
A mirror image of the Station Commander's Office, the Executive Officer's Office is a private work area for the Executive Officer near to the Operations Center of the station. Comprising three compartments, the first chamber provided a large desk area while the adjacent compartment offered a small seating area with table where guests could be received. A privacy door opens to a small bedroom and an attached bathroom with sonic shower, allowing the XO to not have to stray far from Operations in an emergency.


Operations, located in the center of "The Bunker", served as the command center for Deep Space 12 and was designed with efficiency in mind. The central command area was at the very center of the circular Operations Chamber in a submerged location with the Commanding Officer's station on the starboard side and the Executive Officer's to port. Directly ahead of the station's commanders was a large Master Situation Table that allowed priority access to station functions and sensor data. Directly ahead of the command area and down into a further sunken area, was one large console that provided traffic control on the starboard side and operational control to port. each of these officers shared an unobstructed view of the main viewscreen along with the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer.

Due to the Operations Center beginning life on a Science vessel, stand-out stations were not included on the upper level of the Operations Center due to the scientific nature of the design. All remaining workstations were mounted along the entire perimeter of Ops. Directly parallel to the viewscreen, the large Master Systems Display was mounted on the aft bulkhead and featured a large cutaway diagram of the station, providing a detailed overview of the station's operational status. The starboard side of Operations was devoted to external operations and included dedicated Mission Operations, Science, and the Tactical workstation was assigned to the workstation nearest the viewer. Environmental control was overseen from the port workstation closest to the Master Situation Display, while Engineering Control and Security were housed in the remaining workstations.

Entry to Operations was provided by entryways on the port and starboard sides on the upper level that accessed the turbolift lobby. Through turbolift the remaining areas of the Bunker could be accessed.

Station Commander's Office

Commodore's Day Cabin
The Station Commander's Office began life as the Captain's Quarters aboard the Starship Auriga and were among the largest accommodations aboard the Nova Class vessel. Comprising three compartments, the first chamber provided a large desk area and work terminal for the Station Commander while the adjacent compartment offered a small seating area with table where the Commanding Officer could meet with guests or eat meals. A privacy door opens to a small bedroom and an attached bathroom with sonic shower, allowing the Station Commander to not have to stray far from Operations in an emergency.

Transporter Rooms 1 and 2

Transporter Room 1 and 2
Due to the nature of Deep Space 12's mission profile, two Transporter Rooms have been installed in the Bunker Complex to allow quick access to the Station's Operations Center. While more compact that other Transporter Rooms on the station, the transporter pads in Transporter Rooms 1 and 2 are much smaller than the those found elsewhere on the station and can only accommodate up to four persons at one time.

Ward Room

Ward Room
The Ward Room was located along the southern chambers of the Bunker and was fitted with three large view ports allowing views outside of the station. The Ward Room offered many comforts and was equipped to provide a relaxed area for briefing. An egg-shaped table was located in the center of the room and was fitted with seven chairs for conferences. Typically, the Sector Commander sat at the head of the table, closest to the windows. A monitor was provided to allow visual aspects to be involved in a briefing. For more comfort, a replicator was provided to allow access to food or drink for long meetings.

Gold Sector: Drydock

One of the largest locations aboard Deep Space 12, Gold Sector: Drydock is used for the major repair, maintenance and upgrading of any vessels visiting the station. Multiple docking bays make up the bulk of Gold Sector allowing for vessels of a variety of sizes to successfully dock internally. Vehicles docking at DS12 can choose between a variety of environmental settings while external docking facilities also exist for the transfer of weapons and other banned goods.

Typically, the Drydock's Spaceflight Terminal is the first stop for all visitors to DS12, and the last stop for those departing. Security patrols are constantly assigned to the Drydock, manning checkpoints and monitoring visitors through sophisticated sensors that analyze the luggage brought aboard the station for concealed weapons, restricted substances, or other suspicious items. Impound bays are available to store confiscated materials until the visitor is ready to depart the station.

Multiple lounges can be found within the Drydock providing a casual meeting place for new arrivals or station personnel. Hotels and accommodations for Drydock personnel are available within Gold Sector. Transporter Rooms are located throughout the region to allow quick access to visiting vessels.

Violet Sector: Diplomatic

Restricted to the Federation Diplomatic Corps and Starfleet Command personnel, the Violet Sector is the Diplomatic Center for Deep Space 12 and is used to accommodate the various diplomats and other guests visiting Deep Space 12. The section contains extensive Ambassadorial Quarters that can be set to match any known environment with ease and feature accommodations for any visiting diplomatic staff. Conference Halls capable of housing up to 1,000 individual guests each are available as well as smaller briefing and meeting rooms for presentations and related conferences. Accommodations for members of the press have been established to report on major events occurring aboard DS12 and the entire region can be configured to match known environments.

Secure Docking Bays were located within the Diplomatic Sector allowing direct access to the zone by visiting dignitaries in possession of proper diplomatic clearances. On Deep Space 12, the Klingon Embassy was located in Violet Sector, which had priority access to a Docking Bay for visiting Klingon craft.

Orange Sector: Commercial

Orange Sector aboard Deep Space 12 housed the station's commercial area. An unrestricted center aboard DS12, multiple businesses including hotels, casinos, bars, and conference areas could be found in Orange Sector.

The Grand Concourse is the primary shopping center on DS12 and features a variety of bars, restaurants, and other shops carrying goods from throughout known space. Supporting the Grand Concourse, the Commercial Sector has multiple gaming establishments available for station personnel and visitors as well as multiple holosuite arcades. Observation galleries span multiple areas of the Commercial Sector, allowing unparalleled views of space surrounding the station. Banquet Halls and Conference Centers are located throughout the Commercial Sector and are available for rental. Offices and storage bays are available for local businesses within the Commercial Sector, as well as lodging for both staff and visitors.

Docking and Cargo Facilities were positioned within the Commercial Sector; however, these bays were subject to the same procedures as those arriving via Gold Sector. Secondary computer processor cores were also located in the Commercial Sector, but these locations were heavily secured and monitored by Station Security.

The base of Orange Sector includes four massive Gravity Stabilizers (essentially massive Impulse Engines) that are utilized by Deep Space 12 to maintain a stable orbit. Without the stabilizers, the station would lose orbit within 24 hours.

Green Sector: Habitation

An essential part of Deep Space 12's overall atmosphere recycling and life-support infrastructure, Green Sector is the primary Habitation Sector for the station. The entire structure of Green Sector supports a massive terrestrial enclosure that simulates the surface of a Class-M world. Divided into zones, such as arts/culture, parks/nature, residential, sightseeing, and recreation; attractions within the Habitation Sector include museums, gardens, restaurants, nightclubs, shops, and bars that supplement those of Orange Sector.

Maelstrom General Hospital and Station Security Headquarters are located inside of the Habitation Sector. Site-to-site public transporters are available to move between zones quickly and Mag-Lev trains allow quick transit throughout the parkland. The simulated sky hides the external shell of the station, which offers additional accommodations for station staff and visitors.

Dreagos Memorial Parkland

Dreagos Memorial Parkland
The Dreagos Memorial Parkland, named in honor of the research and terraforming station lost during the Vesuvi event, is a large, domed area aboard Deep Space 12. The Parkland mimics an M-Class world with athletic fields, cultivated woodland, meadows, and even an artificial lake. The ceiling incorporates an artificial sky that could be programmed to simulate day or night, based upon the station's official time. Precipitation can also be simulated depending upon need. Commercial and residential districts have been established in the Dreagos Memorial Parkland, taking advantage of the more natural setting offered by the location. Commerical and residential buildings surround the station's central core in a crescent-shape, with the tallest exceeding 30 stories and almost touching the simulated sky. Apartments are available for assignment to Station personnel and a hotel complex provides accommodation to short term guests to the station. The Plaza, a commercial supplement to the Grand Concourse, is also located in the Dreagos Memorial Parkland; however, it is a relative ghost town.


Located throughout Green Sector, Arcades are gaming establishments that have been built to offer customers fun diversions away from the challenges of their everyday lives. Primarily, Arcades aboard Deep Space 12 feature multiple holosuite theaters that users can rent for variable times (normally one hour) to simulate a wide variety of environments or games. Some Arcades also feature classic games from multiple worlds throughout the Federation including billiard tables, bowling, classic video game cabinets, merchandise games, and pinball machines. While replicators can provide food for customers, some Arcades offer bar service to guests.


Clubs aboard Deep Space 12 are large, two-level businesses that serve beverages to their customers. Typically, Clubs aboard Deep Space 12 sell a variety of synthale drinks; however, some Clubs have arranged to provide alcoholic beverages to their patrons. Some Clubs also sell snack foods for consumption on their premises, while others serve food from a restaurant menu. By Station regulation Clubs are closed during the day, but are able to open in early evening (approximately 19:00) and close at 03:00 hours. Clubs are permitted to have live entertainment during their business hours.

Quark's Bar and Gaming House is a large, two-level arcade and lounge that is part of the Quark's entertainment franchise. Originally planned for construction in 2383 at the height of the Maelstrom's popularity, plans for Quark's were delayed due to the Federation withdrawal from the Maelstrom in 2385. With the reestablishment of Federation operations, Commodore Dazad called in a few favors to attract Quark's to the revitalized station. While the upper level features an open-air concept allowing patrons to experience the simulated environment, the main level features a large arcade in addition to lounge space. Quark's has been granted permission to sell genuine alcohol in addition to synthale.

Gregory MacCray Transport Center

Gregory MacCray Transport Center
Recently renamed in honor of Vice Admiral Gregory MacCray, the Gregory MacCray Transport Center features dedicated cargo and personnel transporters that link the station to visiting vessels and the New Holland Colony. Due to the civilian nature of the Dreagos Memorial Parkland the Gregory MacCray Transport Center more commonly sees civilian usage than Starfleet.

Maelstrom General Hospital

Maelstrom General Hospital
Among the most important locations in Dreagos Memorial Park is Maelstrom General Hospital, which serves as both a hub for medical care and monitors the health of all persons on the station. Maelstrom General provides comprehensive trauma care and clinical expertise to up to 200 unique patients per day with 24-hour availability of all essential specialties, personnel, and equipment. Key facilities include an Emergency Room, exam rooms, grief counselors' offices, dental surgery, medical isolation, and intensive care. A full service laboratory, supplemented by the station's science division, allows for quick treatment or study of any xeno-biological contagion.


Dauntless Villas
One of the most popular choices for lodging aboard Deep Space 12, the neighborhoods are private residences - based upon Polynesian stylings - that have been constructed in the Dreagos Memorial Parkland. The cabins come in multiple formats including single occupant and family-oriented layouts. The neighborhoods themselves are named after key vessels involved in the Kessok Incident and include:

  • Dauntless Villas
  • Geronimo Ranches
  • Jonka Homes
  • Sovereign Estates

When first established there were extensive waiting lists for occupancy; however, due to the recent history of the Maelstrom, many of the residences are unoccupied.

Park Security Center

Park Security
The Park Security Center, which combines operations of both civilian and Starfleet Security, provides safety and security to those using the Dreagos Memorial Parkland and its establishments. The dedicated security teams use the Park Security Center to monitor for criminal and unsafe activity and can deploy, using Argo Series Transports, to provide support or apprehend the perpetrator. While a supplement to Station Security, the Park Security Center features its own armory, containment cells, and investigation centers.


A restaurant is a business that prepares and serves food and drinks to customers with meals generally consumed on the premises, but many restaurants also offer take-out and delivery services. Restaurants on Deep Space 12 vary in their offerings, with a wide variety of cuisines and service models ranging from fast-food restaurants, to family oriented restaurants, to luxury establishments with a diverse clientele. Some restaurants aboard Deep Space 12 offer synthale beverages during normal station operating hours, but cannot provide genuine alcohol.


A Shop is a retail establishment that sales products to its customers. While most Shops offer a variety of wares for purchase, some Shops are more specialized and offer specific products such as books, clothes, food, toys, and the like. An assortment of Shops have been established over the years aboard Deep Space 12 with some of the most popular locations having been in operation for over a decade.

Wright Towers

Wright Towers
Named in honor of the Captain Robert Wright, Captain of the Galaxy Class Starship Dauntless and one of the first victims of the Kessok Incident, is Wright Towers is a large apartment and hotel block located in the Dreagos Memorial Parkland aboard Deep Space 12. Featuring multiple levels overlooking the park, Wright Towers features extensive guest accommodations for station visitors and permanent housing for station personnel and employees on the upper levels. Most diplomatic guests to the station choose to stay in Wright Towers for the terrestrial environment.

Blue Sector: Science

Complimentary to Green Sector, Blue Sector is the scientific center of Deep Space 12 and features the outpost's assortment of laboratories and research centers. Restricted to members of the Science Division, Blue Sector is highly configurable and comprised of multiple modular sections that can be isolated as needed to prevent exposure to the research therein during emergency situations. Should a situation involving a laboratory module become untenable, the Commanding Officer or Chief Science Officer can order the ejection of an entire laboratory module from the rest of the station.

The Primary Computer Core for Deep Space 12 comprises the entire central core structure of Blue Sector, allowing priority linkages for the laboratory complexes to the data processing systems of the station's computer.

Grey Sector: Industrial

The Grey Sector: Industrial is the industrial sector of Deep Space 12. Home to atmosphere monitoring, industrial replicators, and maintenance facilities the Industrial Sector also incorporates the station's primary life support and waste reclamation facilities on its lower levels. The main body of Grey Sector housed the station's primary cargo facility and held the bulk of the station's supplies.

Due to the presence of heavy machinery and shielding, scans and communications are typically unreliable within the Grey Sector. While Grey Sector supports commercial activity within the station, including docking ports allowing for cargo transfer, many areas were restricted to command, security and maintenance personnel due to the sensitive nature of the equipment within the area.

Yellow Sector: Maintenance

Located at the base of Deep Space 12, Yellow Sector: Maintenance contains the primary fusion core, fuel tanks, and associated maintenance shops for the station. Because of the incredible amounts of energy produced by this section of the station, and the subsequently needed protective shielding, internal scans of Yellow Sector can be difficult to complete. Due to this, Yellow Sector is restricted to the Senior Staff, Engineering Crews, and assigned Maintenance Teams.

At the base of Yellow Sector, multiple exhaust systems are placed to help maintain the integrity of the station's energy generation systems. Secondary Communications and Sensor Satellites are also installed in this area. In an emergency, Duotronic Processor Cores could be activated in this section should catastrophic failures impact the station's computer systems.

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