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New Horizons

Posted on Thu Nov 17th, 2022 @ 4:26pm by Vice Admiral Gregory MacCray & Captain Thyr Th'rhaatress

Mission: Short Treks
Location: USS Axca
Timeline: 2399-09-19, 08:00

"Captain," Lieutenant Lothaw Zirara called from the Operations Console, "We have an incoming transmission for you from Starfleet Command." The Bolian typed on the small interface, checking the data packets as they crossed through, "it's from the Office of Vice Admiral Gregory MacCray."

Thyr adjusted his uniform and sat up a little. He clearly wasn't expecting a call. He cleared his throat. "On screen, Lieutenant." He said.

"It's marked confidential, Captain. Would you like me to send it to the Ready Room?" The Ops Officer inquired.

"Oh? I'm sorry, Lieutenant. I wasn't aware. By all means transfer it there." Thyr said, slightly embarrassed. He headed straight to his ready room.

He went behind his desk. "Well. Let's see what the brass wants." He said before authorizing the transmission.

The computer screen switched from a Starship Status Report over to the image of an older Starfleet Admiral sitting alone in what appeared to be a small office. The curvature of the northern hemisphere of an M-Class Planet could be seen hovering outside the window behind him and a model of an Akira Class Starship sat on a nearby shelf. The Admiral himself had close cropped snow white hair and a perfectly groomed white goatee. His gaze was fierce, far fiercer than that of a typical Admiral.

"Captain th'Rhaatress," the Admiral greeted with perfect pronunciation, "Vice Admiral Gregory MacCray. How do you do?"

"Very well, Admiral. Thank you for asking. And thank you for the perfect pronunciation of my name. How may I be of service, sir?" Thyr replied.

The Vice Admiral's Scottish brogue was pronounced as he responded, "First, I'm glad to hear I pronounced your name right - I've been practicing for the last hour. Second, what can you tell me about the Maelstrom?"

"Outlaw country, if what I read from reports is true. Rich in mineral deposits though." The Andorian replied.

"You seem to have the basics down," the older Human laughed. "That will come in handy. Starfleet Command is reassigning the Axca to the Maelstrom effective immediately. Alter course for Deep Space 12 at your earliest opportunity. I think we have a mission for you."

"I welcome the challenge. " Thyr grinned. "Sounds, actually. " Thyr tried to rein in his excitement. "I'll set course right away. Who do I report to when we arrive?"

MacCray looked off screen for a moment before returning his attention, "Sorry, Captain, you can report to me when you arrive. If there is nothing else I'll see you when you arrive."

"Looking forward to it, sir" the Andorian replied.

The Admiral nodded, "See you soon."


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