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Posted on Wed Oct 5th, 2022 @ 3:50am by Commodore Dazad & Lieutenant JG Ace Tidebreaker

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Mission: Short Treks
Location: Holodeck, USS Khitomer
Timeline: 2399-09-19, 12:45

Ace raced through a pristine forest, enjoying the feel of the wind in her fur and the freedom to not wear clothes...not that she didn't LIKE wearing clothes...but she WAS a Caitian after all, and they didn't wear cloths when there were just Caitian's around. It was going to be Ace's first time on the Maelstrom, so she was a bit nervous. This being her second assignment helped a little, but there still weren't any other Caitians around, so it was kinda lonely. She'd been hesitant about asking Commodore Dazad to meet her in here, but she needed to run off her nerves...and the gym's treadmill just wasn't cutting it.

"Ok...he's gonna be here at 13:00. Computer, what time is it?" Ace asked as she skidded to a stop.

"12:00 hundred hours,"

"Thank you, Computer. Good, I've got another hour. Let's do this!" Ace took off again, reaching her top speed and letting loose a triumphant yowl.

Commodore Dazad Targaryen stepped through the doors of the holodeck aboard the Khitomer, looking around the amazing forest environment. The El-Aurian had seen many worlds in his long life and, sadly, they all seemed to jumble together after all the years. Still, there was a serenity that came from a forest. It was an easy way to feel grounded while among the stars.

But, still, he had a schedule to keep. As the Commander of Deep Space 12 he was preparing for their arrival on the station. While some of the Station's crew had already arrived, some where traveling with him aboard the Khitomer and he was looking forward to getting to know them before arrival. He already had a feeling that their lives were going to be insane once on the station.


Ace was so thoroughly enjoying herself that she lost track of time. She was running flat out and only registered that a sentiant being was in the room when someone called 'Lieutenant?' Not that THAT was a problem, the problem came when Ace tried to stop. While she had every intention to stop on a dime, her body took a little longer to comply. And even THAT wouldn't have been a bad thing, except her intended stop spot was occupied by the one who had called her! "Yeeeeikes!!!! UMPH!" Ace hadn't even had a chance to call out much of a warning as she plowed straight into the man!

Commodore Dazad fell to the simulated ground with the impact, his uniform audibly ripping as he fell over some rocks that lay strewn about. He could feel the dizzying pain of his head smacking against the ground as well, the pain making the world spin for a moment. His wife was NOT going to like this. He could already hear her screaming at him in his head.

Looking around, "Lieutenant, is there a reason you knocked me over?"

"Yes, Sir! I mean, no, Sir! I mean...oh boy. Let me try to explain, Sir. I thought I had...AAAAHHHH!!! Computer, clothes!" Ace dove behind a bush and grabbed the teal shirt and brown pants that materialized. "Ahem, let me try this again. First off, I am SO SO SO sorry for bowling into you like that. When I get in here, I just kinda forget everything else. I even asked the computer how much time I had, and it said an hour, so I just let loose...and the rest is history as they say," Ace hung her head, hoping she hadn't just gotten demoted or worse.

Having risen back to his feet, the Commodore studied his own form for a moment checking for injuries. His uniform had seen better days, with several deep tears that meant it was better left to be recycled that attempted to be mended. He could feel a searing pain in the back of his head, probably from the impact, but did not believe it rose to the level of a concussion. At least he hoped that it didn't rise to that level. His wife probably would kill him for something like that. He wasn't even on the station yet and already it looked like a shuttle ran him over.

"It's fine, Lieutenant, really," he excused her. "I suppose this is what I get for being early."

"Early? Computer, what time is it?" "12:50 hundred hours," "Thank you, compurer. Are you alright, Sir? I know I don't weigh a whole lot, but I DID knock you over," Ace rubbed her neck, praying that she hadn't done any permanent damage.

Dazad nodded, "I'm fine, Lieutenant, really. Are you well?"

Ace stretched, extending and retracting her claws and rotating her neck and shoulders. "All seems to be in working order, Sir. Although it FEELS like it's going to take a WEEK to get all the dirt and leaves out of my fur," Ace giggled as she made a half hearted attempt to begin the process.

"Won't it just disintegrate when we exit the holodeck?" The Commodore asked then realized he had been injured in the impact. "You disabled the safeties?"

"Um, er, that is...oh boy. Yes, Sir, I did. I usually leave them alone, but for some reason, I just didn't want them on today. I guess the cat in me needs a little danger every once in awhile to keep me sharp. There aren't any wild animals or such not to worry about, but I would have real consequences if I took a misstep...though unfortunately, since I thought I had more time, I delayed turning them back on," Ace rubbed at her arms, not only to remove the dirt, but so that she wouldn't have to look at the Commodore.

Dazad smirked, remembering a time when his own son had done much the same. "I'd recommend that you try not to disengage the safety protocols all that often. I'd hate to have to find a new Dockmaster before the current one even arrives aboard the Station."

Ace snickered softly. "Yeah...I mean, yes, Sir! That would be a bad thing. Um, what were we meeting about again, Sir?" Ace wanted to smack her head into the nearest tree for forgetting why the Commodore needed to speak with her. "Computer, a forest bench please," a bench 'grew' out of the ground ten steps away. "Won't you sit down, Sir?" Ace offered.

"We were meeting so that I could meet you, Lieutenant," Dazad answered brusquely as he took the seat as offered. "I like to meet with my crew before they officially report. I have always felt like it gives me a better understanding of them. Since some of our team are already on the station, and some are traveling with us, I felt like now would be an appropriate time."

Ace rubbed her neck sheepishly. "I'm sorry it was a knock down meeting, Sir. I'd say meeting someone before you MEET them is definitely better! I try to make friends with people in what I call 'soft' settings before I need to meet them in a 'formal' setting," Ace smiled, stretching her arms and legs to make sure everything was still loose.

"Makes sense to me. If it makes you feel better though I highly doubt that this is a meeting I will forget any time soon," Dazad informed with a friendly smile.

"You and me both, Sir!" Ace laughed happily, bowing both for fun and out of respect.

OOC: I'm all good on my end, Sir. You can post it!


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