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Posted on Thu Nov 17th, 2022 @ 4:22pm by Captain Kiala MD & Lieutenant JG Ace Tidebreaker

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Mission: Short Treks
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 2399-09-19, 16:15

Ace wasn't quite wanting to go to Sickbay until they got to the station, but she also wanted to meet some more people before getting to the station, and this seemed to be the place the Doc seemed to like to be when not in her quarters. After there was no answer at the door, Ace hit the manual open, and slipped inside, wandering around and investigating everything.

For a vessel the size of the Khitomer the Sickbay was atypically small, consisting of an operating area, a recovery ward, and the Chief Medical Officer's Office. For a vessel roughly the same size as a Galaxy Class it took some getting used to be around so few doctors and nurses, but for Doctor Kiala it had been perfect. That was why it was so hard for her to be packing up the last of the knickknacks in her office. While her and Dazad had been separated before for missions - they had both been in Starfleet off and on since the 23rd Century - this time she felt she needed to be nearby.

Hearing a slight commotion in the Recovery Ward, Kiala decided to investigate herself. She had given most of her Medical Team the evening off while she packed up so as not to disturb them. Stepping out of her office and next to the Surgical Biobed she called, "Anyone out there?"

Ace almost dropped a beaker she was looking at as the voice sounded through Sickbay. "! Many I ask who you are?" Ace looked around, and noticed that there was someone standing in an alcove she hadn't noticed before.

Kiala noted that the other had been holding a beaker in her hand and wondered, for a moment, what she could have wanted. It was unusual for those aboard to be searching the Sickbay like this and, momentarily, Kiala wondered if the newcomer was here for less than genuine reasons. Standing not too far from her office door she knew that she could be back in her office and have the door sealed in less than a second if she needed to.

"I'm Doctor Kiala, the Chief Medical Officer of the Khitomer," the Commander announced boldly, "And who are you?"

Like a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar, Ace stood frozen for a moment, then recovered, carefully placing the beaker back on the counter. "Ahem. I'm sorry, Doctor, Kiala. I'm Lt. JG Ace Tidebreaker, and I'm headed to my new post aboard DS12. I was gonna wait on a check up till I got there, but my catish curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to come down here," Ace dropped her ears at the wave of authority coming off the Doctor. "Where have I felt that aura before?" Ace wondered to herself.

The former Chief Medical Officer opened her tricorder, "Fortunately for you I'm the one responsible for the health and safety of the people serving on DS12. Might as well get your scans out of the way." She motioned toward the centrally located biobed, "Have a seat." She walked over to the wall console to grab a a PADD at the same time to record notes. "Anything I should know about before we get started?"

"Not that I am consciously aware of, Doctor. I really am sorry about the beaker," Ace was still trying to figure out where she had felt that aura before. "You're Commodore Dazad's wife! THAT'S where I recognized the aura of power emanating from you!" Ace felt her face pale (in the way only Caitian's can) and she closed her mouth, mortified. "Um, I, er," Ace's head drooped in embarrassment.

"My name's Kiala," the El-Aurian answered, "and yes, I am the Commodore's wife, but, no, that does not define me." She typed at the PADD's display for a moment as she closed the clamshell over the biobed, "Please lie still as the scan cycle completes. It only takes about 30 seconds."

"Yes, Mrs. Kiala," Ace flashed a lopsided grin, then lay down, flicking her tail before settling. "How long do you think before we dock?" Ace asked a short time later, unable to hold still any longer.

Kiala glanced at the windows as the stars morphed from long streaks back into specks. In the center of the windows the massive spacedock series outpost Deep Space 12 appeared almost as if out of nowhere, the New Holland Colony floating in space below it, "Looks like sooner than you think."

Ace's head snapped around, and her jaw dropped slightly. " sure looks pretty," Ace whistled softly as she appreciated the view.

"Indeed," the former Chief Medical Officer said as she closed up her Tricorder. "Well, Lieutenant, looks like you're in fine shape. Is there anything else that I can help you with?"

"Not that I know of, Doc. Thanks for everything, and I'll try to be a bit less Catty when next we meet," Ace gave a smiling wink as she stood up, stretching slowly.


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