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Posted on Thu Nov 17th, 2022 @ 4:25pm by Vice Admiral Gregory MacCray & Commodore Dazad

Mission: Short Treks
Location: Deep Space 12
Timeline: 2399-09-19, 16:30

Commodore Dazad stood on the Bridge of the Starship Khitomer watching the viewscreen carefully. After what had felt like an eternity of traveling the moment had come. The Khitomer was on final approach to Deep Space 12 and he was on approach to his future. It was an exciting moment, one that he had longed for for what felt like forever.

"Incoming transmission from the Station, Captain."

Commodore Dazad glanced at his former Executive Officer, who was sitting in the Captain's Chair. The former Commander motioned for Dazad to be the one to take the call. The El-Aurian deftly answered, "On screen."

The viewscreen switched from the warp field distortion to a view of Vice Admiral Gregory MacCray's Office aboard the Station. While they had had half a dozen conversations just during this trip, Commodore Dazad was still taken by how utilitarian the Commander's Office was aboard the Station. If it weren't for the window that MacCray sat in front of there would be nothing in the room at all it seemed. At first Dazad thought it was because the Vice Admiral was retiring, but he had heard from others it was always that way.

"Khitomer," MacCray greeted, "we have you on our sensors now."

"Admiral MacCray," Commodore Dazad answered. "Nice to finally see you in person."

MacCray politely nodded in reply, "And you too, Commodore. Nice to finally have you arriving to take my job." There was a sense of bitterness in the wording that hadn't been there before. Perhaps, for the first time, the reality of what was happening had become real for all of them. "Khitomer, please transmit clearance codes for arrival to the Station."

Dazad glanced at the Khitomer's Captain.

The Captain looked at the Operations Manager, "Transmit our clearance code, Lieutenant."

"Aye Sir. Transmission commencing."

MacCray checked the readout on his desktop computer then returned his full attention to the Khitomer's passenger, "Sorry about that. Protocol and all that. Your code checks out, Khitomer, you're clear to dock at the station. Follow your present course."

"Thank you," Dazad answered with a smile. "See you in a few minutes. Khitomer out."

When the channel was closed the new Commanding Officer of DS12 let out a sigh of relief. His former first officer did the same, looking cautiously at his old Captain in the process, "You seemed a bit worried by all that."

"Protocol can be hard to give up, Captain," Dazad replied. "As can your job."

"Miss your chair already?" The Bolian asked with a smirk. "I'll gladly trade."

The El-Aurian waved him off, "Nah, you look like you're pretty settled in. Just regret that you're going to be parking in our docking bay for a refit instead of heading out to explore strange new worlds and all that."

"Who knows, maybe I'll arrange for your chair to be sent over to you and I'll have those yard engineers install a new one?"

Dazad could feel the engines slowing down as they made their way toward the massive station. Not answering the question just yet, the Commodore turned to see the massive starbase appear out of thin air as they approached. Classically designed, Deep Space 12 was a colossus of an outpost that had seen its share of action amongst the stars. Formerly Starbase 12 decades ago, Starfleet rechristened it when they pulled out of this sector. It wasn't exactly the shining beacon on the hill it had once been, but it would be again if he had his way.

Grinning at the site of his new command all Dazad could say in response to the question was, "You're the Captain."


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