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Posted on Fri Jul 7th, 2023 @ 5:34am by Addison Talbert MD & Lieutenant Commander Conall Rovaris

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Mission: Short Treks
Location: Addison's quarters

She didn't know why she was nervous but Addison felt that way. She had worked out some savory stew along with biscuits freshly made, she had raided the kitchen on the Geronimo, getting Vincent's help with the cooking. She had come upon him working on a dinner for Iy'den so they both collaborated on some meals. A fresh salad was made with a honey vinagarette to go with it. Croutons as part of the side. There was even a pie made a triple berry pie of which she was fond of. Not knowing what Conall would have for dressing over the salad, she brought in some others.

Nervously she adjusted her light blue summer dress, it flowing around her knees. Then she remembered something, it was what Conell had said, he wanted to take her out to eat whilst on the Station, and he wanted to be the one to do the meal, not having her cook for him. They weren't on the station but... Giving a slight sigh she looked at the table where she had the food set out. Her heart sinking, she jumped the gun, she had forgotten then it hit her, Addison would probably have to eat the food herself. Addison walked over to the table and sat down in one of the chairs, her elbow on the table, supporting her chin in the palm of her hand just staring at the food.

Conall had been looking forward to dinner with Addison from the moment she said yes in sickbay back on DS12. He had never shied away from asking a woman out that he found interesting, the fact she was also very attractive was a bonus.

He had donned a simple white shirt, top button left undone and wore dark blue denim jeans with brown shoes. On his wrist there was a bracelet, it bore intricate patterns of his family, the Rovaris'.

Arriving at the quarters designated to Addison on the Geronimo he pressed the chime. Behind the door he felt some anxiety, some excitement mixed with disappointment but it felt directed more inward which he thought was strange.

A tear or two snuck their way down her cheeks, Addison wiping them away. She heard the sound of the chime, and got up, almost knocking the chair over. Well, this must be Conall, she'll go open the door and see where he wanted to go eat, Addison looked towards the table once more, with the holographic candle dancing within its container. A slight huff at herself, Addison smoothed back her hair to open the door for Conall, a genuine smile of pleasure of seeing him, sort of standing to where he'd not see the food on the table.

"Hello, where would you like to go eat for dinner?" Addison mentally grimaced as she could catch the scent of the savory beef stew wafting its way in the air and towards the open door. Maybe he won't catch the scent of the stew, or the scent of fresh rolls.

Conall could smell the food from the room behind her. "Well, that smells pretty good." He gestured to the obvious dinner in the room. "I don't want to be presumptuous, I know you are living here. If you want to go out we can, if not then I am more than happy to spend the night with a beautiful woman who has cooked an amazing meal." he smiled at her.

It was a reassuring smile that meant that even though they weren't the plans he'd suggested that he didn't care as long as the night was spent with her.

Addison blushed, "You may come in and help eat the dinner. I- I had forgotten that you wanted to well.." her words faded away, and she held out her hand to Conall taking his hand and leading him to the table. She also realized something and looked down at her feet. They were bare, she chuckled wryly. "Besides I forgot to put on my sandals, so we'd not be able to leave my quarters just yet." glancing towards Conall through her long lashes.

"Please, come sit. Hope you like what I've made, and thank you for agreeing to eat dinner here." her cheeks going a bit pink.

"To be honest, I asked you out on the station. So technically this is a different date and we can still do what I suggested when we get back there." he flashed a roguish smile and then looked at her bare feet. "Hey, some people go through life bare footed. This food does look amazing Addison. You have really gone to a lot of effort, and I thank you for that." he added as they arrived at the table. Still, she held his hand and for a moment he'd forgotten.

Addison reluctantly released Conall's hand and went to go have a seat upon her chair. "So, you don't mind my being barefoot?" giving a smile. "And I am good with having that other date when we get back to the station." giving a shy smile. "Shall we? And what would you like to drink with this? I've not gotten that far, any idea of what you would like to drink?"

Conall smiled, "No, I don't mind you being barefoot. Hells, I'll join you if you like." he teased as she let go of his hand. "As for a drink, what have you got? Red wine goes well with stew I am told?" he half asked.

"That does go good with it. I do have a bottle of red wine. Let me get that, and two glasses." Addison walked away to get the wine, "And yes, you may take your shoes off, make yourself comfortable." looking back over her shoulder towards Conall. Addison turned back around to make certain she didn't run into anything or stub her toe. She returned carrying the two glasses interlaced in her fingers and holding the bottle of red wine, "Here we are." Placing the bottle and glasses upon the table. "Oh I need to get the cork screw." turning around around to retrieve that.

Conall couldn't help but watch her leave as she went to collect the corkscrew. How she hadn't been scooped up was beyond him. Although, her usual confidence personality seemed to be a bit absent tonight, but Conall put it down to nerves possibly.

As she returned he offered his hand for opening the wine. Even though he was the guest he still wanted to be a gentleman and offer the first pour to the lady.

Addison handed over the bottle of wine to Conall, as well as the corkscrew. "Here you go and thank you." she looked at Conall, "I have to make a confession, I am a bit nervous as this is my first date in a long while. I am worried about messing things up and I feel like a school girl looking at her crush."

"Ah so you admit to having a crush on me, do you?" Conall grinned as he looked up from the bottle. He could feel the embarrassment but he relaxed his grin to stop the tease.

"You don't have to worry. You had my attention from the moment I walked in to sickbay. Your confidence, your beauty and your intelligence." he popped the cork and began to pour, her first of course. "Just be you." he handed it over. "Barefoot and beautiful, can't ask for more."

"Just be me? Um... the me when at work or the me being in the same room with a rather handsome man. I have to rediscover that lady, I've been so caught up in my medical practice, I've maybe forgotten to see what I am like when just being a woman? Oh well I am not going to change, I can still be feminine even if I am wrestling down a steer."

"Now that I'd love to see." Conall chuckled. "But, what is a steer? Is it a big Terran creature?" he asked.

"Yes it is, here let me get an example for you to see. A friend of mine had taken a video of this happening." Addison moving over to where her padd was, and brought up the video to show Conall. On it was Addison lassoing a steer, tacking off the rope with the saddle horn then slid to the ground to where the well trained horse kept the steer off balance until she grabbed it by the horns and twisted them to where it was on its side and Addison quickly tied the legs to keep the steer from getting away. "My horse was quite the help. Sadly, I had to leave him behind when I left."

"That is... impressive." Conall expressed his genuine interest and heartfelt. "I mean the horse did quite a lot there." he joked and poked a little fun at Addison.

Addison's mouth dropped open her eyes going wide, she hmmphed crossing her arms and turning her back. Though her act of being huffy was marred by her shoulders shaking due to her silently laughing. His comment was humorous.

"There is an animal called a Lorain on Kaitos similar to that." Conall spoke as he noticed her mood lift from her previous anxiety about the dinner. "My people had an 'ark' of stored genetic material from El Auria, so I guess it's a little piece of the old world on the new." he smiled and looked at her. She truly was beautiful.

Addison turned around, grinning, she felt more comfortable and not anxious. It left when he made her laugh. "A Lorain, I would love to see an image of that for myself. If there are any available." she moving closer to Conall. "Okay lets eat, I am starving." reaching out to touch his shoulder. "and thank you."

"Sadly not." Conall responded. "Not a lot of images come off Kaitos at the moment. The Council are still pretty protective of it after we lost El Auria, but I'll see if I can get you one." he smiled as she touched his shoulder. "What are you thanking me for?" he asked as he reached out and placed his hand over hers.

"Because you chased away my nervousness, by making me laugh. I do so love a man who has a sense of humor." Addison said with a smile. "Definitely helps to defuse a situation, if I am made to laugh." a light laugh, giving his shoulder a squeeze. She hadn't moved his other hand from hers, it felt lovely warm and comforting.

"Ah you've no need to be nervous around me." Conall smiled and removed his hand so he could turn to face her. "I come across as quite a confident guy but you've had me on the back foot since I laid my eyes on you. A beautiful, strong and fierce woman who can tame a stare..." he got the name wrong due to his lack of knowledge of Human animals but he hadn't noticed. "with nothing but her wits and a bit of rope. How could I possibly make such a wonderful and amazing woman nervous?" he asked rhetorically. "If anything I'm at the disadvantage of not being very interesting." he joked.

Another flash of a smile, from Addison. "Now don't you be flattering me too much as I may not get through those doors there." giving a laugh. "And to me the ones who think they are not interesting, have more of my interest than others. Maybe I am a strange woman for being that way. Its the personality and the character that I am more interested in. And you.. you are interesting." her cheeks turning a shade of pink.

"Mind you though I do have a temper almost like a redhead. Oh don't be around if I get angry. Its not a pleasant sight." Addison added.

"If I'm ever running late for dinner I'll be sure to carry my phaser." a cheeky grin appearing on his face. "Just in case." he winked at her.

Addison blushed at that as well as laughed. "That would be a good idea or a pint of ice cream to carefully hold out before coming fully into the quarters. Or a piece of pie." giving Conall a wink. She was enjoying this banter it made her happy.

"I can bring ice cream..." he pondered for a moment. "I have only ever had it a few times. My time on Earth is limited to my Academy days and when ever we got back to Starbase One for resupply or shore leave. Although, correct me if I am wrong, pie? Is that actual pastry like pie, or I have heard of this 'pizza pie' and I am unsure." he looked confused. It may have looked cute on the outside looking in but he truly was sometimes lost in Human colloquialisms.

"I was speaking about the pastry pie, though a pizza pie which is normally just termed a pizza. It is something good to eat as well. Back in the day on Earth, because it is sliced into triangles much like a pie, it got that nickname. There is a song that has pizza pie in the lyrics. It was sung by an old earth singer, part of the lyrics went.

In Napoli where love is king
When boy meets girl
Here's what they say

When the moon hits your eye
Like a big pizza pie, that's amore
When the world seems to shine
Like you've had too much wine, that's amore"

Addison paused then said. "Amore is Italian for Love." beginning to blush.

Conall smirked and placed his hand on her now warm cheek and pulled her in for a light kiss. It seemed like a perfect time for it and he wasn't one for wasting a moment.

"Well, the Italians seem to have the right idea about a lot of things." he said once he'd pulled back from the kiss, his eyes locking with hers.

Addison was stunned, that gentle kiss of his she hadn't expected, she blinked several times then a soft smile appeared, at the moment at loss for words. Finally she found her voice. Quietly she spoke, "I-I suppose they do at that." still feeling rather bemused.

"So, dinner?" he asked with a funny tone as now they probably should start eating.

Addison gave a nod and said "Yes, dinner."


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