Welcome Home

Posted on Thu Nov 17th, 2022 @ 4:26pm by Vice Admiral Gregory MacCray & Commodore Dazad & Captain Kiala MD & Captain Thyr Th'rhaatress & Lieutenant Commander Iy'dan Brell & Lieutenant JG Ace Tidebreaker & Vincent Sinclair & Addison Talbert

Mission: Short Treks
Location: Dreagos Memorial Parkland
Timeline: 2399-09-19, 18:00

Located in the center of the expansive Spacedock-Series Outpost, the Dreagos Memorial Parkland, named in honor of the research and terraforming station lost during the Vesuvi event, was the largest livable location aboard Deep Space 12. A large, domed area the Parkland perfectly mimicked an M-Class world with athletic fields, cultivated woodland, meadows, and even an artificial lake. Above them an artificial sky, programmed to simulate day or night based upon the station's official time, provided a beautiful day for all.

Commercial and residential districts, taking advantage of the more natural setting offered by Dreagos, surrounded the station's central core in a crescent-shape with the tallest buildings and almost touching the simulated sky. Apartment buildings, a hotel complex, and even a large conference center were available to personnel and guests of the station. Among the most popular attractions was the Plaza, a commercial supplement to the Grand Concourse; however, it was a relative ghost town. Among the most important locations in Dreagos Memorial Park is Maelstrom General Hospital. Maelstrom General offered comprehensive trauma care and clinical expertise to up to 200 unique patients per day with 24-hour availability of all essential specialties, personnel, and equipment.

Commodore Dazad stood smiling at the amazing world that Deep Space 12 had to offer its crew and guests. When he first had been told of the position here on the station the Parkland was one of the features that sealed the deal for him. It was a chance to allow a family a semblance of a planetary life in the midst of the stars and, had this been available when his kids were younger, he would have jumped at the chance to be assigned to such a base. To have these opportunities available was real blessing.

"You're smiling," his wife, Kiala, announced proudly.

"Why wouldn't I? This is a paradise!" The El-Aurian proclaimed as he looked around the expansive sights. The lights lowered as he spoke though, signifying that the station was entering its simulated night.

Kiala smiled herself, "Says the man that has spent most of his adult life in the stars."

"Why do you think I call it paradise?" He countered.

"Touche," she relented.

Looking toward the Conference Center near the center of the chamber, Commodore Dazad thought he spotted the current CO of DS12 directing a group of his officers. "We should probably go over to see MacCray before we get started."

"Lead the way," she motioned.

"... and make sure that the banners are hung in the proper sequence! Federation, Starfleet, the Station, then the Klingons!" Vice Admiral Gregory MacCray said pointing wildly at the nearby Conference Complex. "I want Starfleet and ours to be right next to the door."

From nearby an older looking Risian Ensign nodded, "Don't worry, Admiral, I heard you the first six times."

"Then why aren't they up yet?" MacCray asked in his distinctive brogue.

"Because you keep stopping me," the Ensign pointed out.

The Admiral smirked, "Forgive me, Ensign, it is my last day after all."

"Don't remind me," he said as he ran off to hang the banners.

Gregory MacCray smiled as he looked around the Dreagos Memorial Parkland. He regretted that it had fallen into this state over the years, but it was unavoidable with the Federation and Starfleet essentially throwing the Maelstrom to the wolves. He still remembered when he first came to DS12 back when he was only the captain of the Geronimo. The park, which was not named after Dreagos at the time, was alive with activity back then. Every shop space was taken, every restaurant was alive, every tavern abuzz. Now it seemed like every other storefront was open and less than one hundred people were in the park at any given time. Maybe with the Federation returning to the region that would change for the better, but he doubted it.

"Excuse me Admiral," a voice interrupted him.

Greg turned to see another Ensign, this one a Xindi Primate, standing holding a PADD in her hand. "Yes, Ensign, what is it?" The outgoing Commanding Officer of Deep Space 12 asked as he reached for the datapad.

The young lady handed off her cargo, "Ops asked me to come find you to get your signature on these fuel transfer logs. Command wants the Hippocrates ready for launch this evening and she needs refueling."

"I'd be happy to sign the forms for you, Ensign," he pecked the control and the system uploaded his signature from thumbprint. He handed the PADD back.

"Thank you, Sir," she said with a smile as she accepted the computer then noticed the newcomer, "Commodore, Sir."

Dazad smiled, "At ease, Ensign. Admiral MacCray, nice to see you, Sir."

"Commodore," Admiral MacCray greeted. "Thank will be all, Ensign."

The Xindi nodded with a big grin on her face as she moved off.

"Are all the crew of the station so chipper?" Dazad asked as he watched the Ensign walk away.

MacCray nodded, "Most of them. They have to be with Starfleet basically abandoning us all out here."

The El-Aurian chose not to take the bait, "Anything going on with the Ensign that I need to know about?"

"Not much. It was just the fueling report for the Hippocrates," MacCray saw Commander Kiala standing next to the Commodore, "Your ship will be ready within the hour."

"My ship?" Kiala asked incredulously.

MacCray looked between Kiala and the Commodore, "I think I stepped into something."

"My fault entirely," Dazad excused as he looked at his wife, "I had planned to tell you after, but Starfleet Command has agreed to give you the Hippocrates. It's a hospital ship - Olympic Class - that's assigned to the Maelstrom. I was going to give you your pip after the change in command ceremony." He reached into his pocket and pulled out the small box, "Now seems like a good time."

"This was supposed to be your day," Kiala said looking at the pip in the box. "Wait," she looked at MacCray, "You two planned this. Didn't you?"

Before Admiral MacCray could give them up, Dazad interjected, "You see right through me."

She smacked his arm, "Jerk."

"Guilty as charged," Dazad said. "Admiral, would you do the honors?"

MacCray nodded and accepted the box. He pulled out the small golden pip, "Commander Kiala Targaryen it is my distinct pleasure to promote you to the rank of Captain and assign you to command of the Starship USS Hippocrates, with all the rights and privileges therein." He placed the pip on the newly minted Captain's collar.

"Thank you, Sir."

"Congratulations, Captain," he looked at Dazad. "Perhaps we should go over the ceremony really quickly before we get started. Captain, why don't you go take a seat?"

Kiala nodded, "I'll see you both after the ceremony."

As the Captain of the Hippocrates went to find a seat, MacCray whispered, "Why did you save us?"

"I owed you one," the El-Aurian offered. "So, what's the plan?"

Gregory smiled, "Galactic domination."

Dazad laughed, "Sounds like fun!"

Ace's jaw hit the floor as she walked into the Dreagos Memorial Park. "This place is EPIC!" Ace thought out loud, after a whistle, as she began wandering the grounds.

About an hour later...Ace had gotten herself lost.

"Can I help you, Lt.?" Ace spun on her heel and did a double take. Ace had never seen an individual like what stood before her. The being had four prominent ridges around their eyes and on either side of their mouth, with jagged teeth, cat pupiled eyes, palish skin, and no hair.

"Eeexcuse me?" Ace shook her head, still a bit stunned.

"I asked if I could help you. You seem a bit lost," the individual stated, smiling.

"Yeah, I was heading to the Changing Of Command ceremony, and I got distracted by the beauty of this place," Ace blushed a little bit, swirling her foot in the dirt sheepishly.

The being laughed easily. "You can come with me, I'm headed that way myself. By the way, my name is Archec Mino, and judging from your reaction earlier, you've never met a Axanar before," Archec smiled, offering his hand.

"Thank you, Archec. My name's Lt. JG Ace Tidebreaker. You're right, and it's a pleasure to meet you," Ace shook hands and then fell into step beside Archec.

Twenty minutes later, the pair stepped onto the field where the ceremony was being held. "If you don't have someone to sit with, you can sit with me and my family," Archec offered.

"As far as I know, that would be terrific! Thank you again!" Ace grinned, taking the offered seat.

"Iy'dan I'm ready to go, and hopefully we won't be late." Vincent feeling a little bit nervous, and also excited all rolled into one. He was looking forward to attending this event of the station.

When his husband came out Vincent whistled in appreciation. "You look fantastic love." walking over and giving him a kiss. "Hopefully I do not look over dressed for this occasion." showing off his outfit of a charcol grey long sleeved shirt. Black pants and black slipon shoes. " I decided to forgo the tie though."

"I just wish I go forego the Dress Uniform... You'd think someone in Starfleet could come up with something a bit more... comfortable!" the Trill first office picked at the collar, trying to readjust it by running his finger on the inside around the fill length, but all it seemed to do was shift the discomfort a few centimetres to the left.
"Come on, we'd best go or we will be late!"

Iy'dan caught his Husbands hand in his own and laced his fingers between his as he started to lead them from their quarters, the view of the spacedock interior something that still caught his breath, this time an Olympic Class docked at one og the docking arms across the way.

He pulled himself away from the thoughts and back to the now. It was change over of command and he was now the first officer of this station, the red tunic still feeling heavier than the teal he had become used to over the years.
'The red suits you!' came the voice of Neema, the Symbionts third host. She had been a school teacher and an advocate of ambition and pushing oneself so it would stand to reason she approved of this.

Thankfully the journey from their quarters was a brief one, hands held and finger interlaced the entire way. Iy'dan had to admit he was a touch on the nervous side as well. Most of his time until now had been coordinating the Science Division and in recent weeks Station Operations (What he laughingly called the 'Cathedral' due to its sheer size).
This would be the first time he had stepped foot into the Park however and when the doors parted allowing his first glimpse he was rendered speechless.

"Ah! There he is," Vice Admiral Gregory MacCray called out as he saw his Executive Officer in the distance.

Commodore Dazad looked in surprise at the new comer in the distance, "Are you sure? That's pretty far away to make a determination."

"I'm old not blind," Gregory protested playfully. "Besides, do you think I can't recognize my own XO? I've only known him what feels like forever. Now the Klingon Liaison's the one you need to watch out for."

That was a meeting that the new Commanding Officer was not exactly enthused about. The Maelstrom, way back when, had been a joint operating region between the Federation and the Klingons. When the Federation chose to pull out, the Klingons didn't and they had maintained a presence in the region. With the way relations with the Klingons were going in recent years having a large Klingon contingent on the station and in the region wasn't a thrilling prospect. "Is the Klingon Commander coming?"

"I don't know. Last time the Commander and I talked there was some yelling, some threatening, some drinking. Then the Commander arrived and things took a turn," MacCray was serious then yelled, "Iy'dan!"

Vincent looked with great interest at the man who was calling out towards his husband. He murmured softly, "Looks like you are being paged." giving a bit of a gentle nudge to Iy'dan then decided to move both of them in that direction.

"Like the old fish wife he is... I'm going to miss the old coot!" Iy'dan replied almost instantly as he waved at his superior and his friend.

When they neared MacCray, Vincent went up to him as well as Dazad, "Greetings sirs." letting go of Iy'dan's hand and reached out a hand to shake both gentlemen's hands. "This is quite the occasion, and this place is absolutely lovely."

Commodore Dazad shook Vincent's hand, "I have to say the same. I feel like I'm in the middle of a park on an M-Class Planet and we're in the middle of a starbase."

MacCray interrupted, "You get used to it. I've always loved the park, but I'm afraid it's gone a bit down hill over the years. When I first came here, before Starfleet and the Federation limited operations in the Maelstrom, this place had museums, gardens, restaurants, nightclubs, and bars that were among the finest in the quadrant!"

"Well, I think that in due time, they will come back to life. When it comes to agriculture at times fields need to be fallow until it is time to rework the soil. Then once a certain time comes around, then the field can be used once more. So in reference to the life and times of the station, treat it as a time for it needing a rest then, it can be utilized once more, sir." Vincent taking a look towards MacCray.

"Commodore, Admiral" the Trill greeted both, shaking the hand of the new comer heartily. "Welcome to Maelstrom. You'll get used to the place and I've already got some feelers out with a few contacts from around the Federation. Niska at Deep Space 21, Quark and a few others. We'll have this place back to life in no time!"

Dazad nodded, "Mister Quark is liking his franchise opportunities these days and you really never know where he's going to turn up. A few weeks ago, right before I was picked for this meeting, I had a mission to Freecloud and was more than surprised when I found him there tending bar at his newest establishment." Dazad, conveniently, kept his past history with Quark secret from the group. He had known him back on Deep Space Nine what felt like a lifetime ago. "I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up."

"Ferengi," MacCray said grumpily. "Well at least they make good drinks. Are you all ready to get started?"

"I am ready and I will be up front to watch the whole proceedings, and cheering you on." Vincent giving a smile and a chuckle. "Let the games begin!" he quipped.

Iy'dan smiled at his husbands exuberance as he nodded a goodbye to the two flag officers as he guided Vincent away to find their seats.

Thyr walked into the park rather late, he assumed. The andorian Captain didn't really know anyone as yet, so he decided to take a stroll around. "Been cooped up aboard ship, some fresh air will do me good. Make the doc happy at least."

A tall blonde woman dressed in a red blouse and a denim skirt with a pair of black boots. pursed her lips and gave out
a whistle,"Dang it all, doesn't this look rather good. Sure beats being cooped up in a ship, not that I can complain, the ships I've been on had places of green which was greatly appreciated by me. A station though its going to be a new experience for me but I'm all for it." The woman's name was Addison Talbert. Make that Doctor Talbert. She hadn't introduced herself to anyone else at least not yet. She had just newly arrived to this station.