New Trill in town

Posted on Wed Dec 28th, 2022 @ 3:48am by Ensign Lela Tanors

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Lela was settling in her new quarters aboard the SB Maelstrom, she had a few pictures to put up, and was gonna look at the replicator for some fake plants to put in her quarters to spruce it up some.
She had a window to look out into space which was a nice site to see. She grinned to herself, as she can see it looked homey being on a Starbase such as the Maelstrom.

She hopped she would meet other officers, and make a few friends, and a possible gentleman friend/boyfriend or a girlfriend being Bi-Sexual, It didn't really matter to her she was gonna take
each steps slowly one step at a time, for now just do her duty as a security officer and take it from

Lela unpacked her belongings and put them in the drawers and hung up a few outfits as well, and always had an extra Uniform hung up in the closet in case of emergencies, and always had her phaser
at her side and a Security Triquarter as well if needed.

She was ready for anything at the station, as she finished unpacking, she lay on her bed for a little nap before duty...

Ens Lela Tanors
Security Officer


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