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When we first met

Posted on Mon Jan 22nd, 2024 @ 4:45pm by Lieutenant Zhi'rev & Senior Chief Petty Officer Sethan MD

1,005 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: Short Treks
Location: Starfleet academy
Timeline: Approximately 2.5 years ago

Zhi has returned to Earth for additional classes in the command track. Aside from the fact that he has requested to attend several science lectures, because he was like a sponge always attempting to learn new things and new insights. He had discovered that Humans did often offer unique perspectives that his logical Vulcan peers wouldn't even consider.

As he walked through the park he spotted someone foraging through a patch of brightly coloured flowers. Upon closer look, he determined the person was at least dark haired -unlike himself-, and Vulcan. But why was he digging through the dirt, in his uniform of all things? "Have you lost something?" He called out, "do you require assistance?"

Startled, the other Vulcan sat up and shook his head. "No," he answered as he reached up to wipe his hair from his eyes. Before Zhi could intervene however, he had rubbed the dirt into his eyes instead.

Zhi sprang forward to assist, taking him by the wrists to keep him from doing more damage to himself. "Come with me," he said gently, though his tone indicated it was more of an order than a request. The man was wearing the colours of the medical department, he now noticed. "What is your name?" He asked as he pulled the man along towards one of the water dispensers along the path. "I am Zhi'rev."

Eyes wrenched shut, his hands restrained, the younger Vulcan had no choice but to comply and trust he wouldn't be made to walk into obstacles along the way. "Sethan," he replied through gritted teeth.

Zhi simple nodded in unseen acknowledgement as he released one hand to open the tap and pulled the other down to allow the water to run across his face. "Open your eyes," he instructed as he used his own sleeve to help rinse away the dirt.

After a few minutes, Sethan straightened and smiled gratefully. "That was quick thinking," he commented, "you're not a medic, are you?"

Zhi shook his head. "I'm a scientist, here for some lectures. Not at all medically inclined, sorry."

"I am," Sethan supplied. "Final year, but I've been a doctor for quite some time now. Just joined starfleet.,.late I guess." He reached out to take Zhi's hand. "You do have very soft hands..."

Yanking his hand back at the sudden -undesired- contact, Zhi offered a weak smile in return. "So did I. So... A smiling Vulcan? Another, I should say. Not many of us around are there."

"I guess not . My dorm isn't far, if you want to change into something dry " Sethan nodded towards the soaked sleeve. "I want to check my eyes anyway, just to be safe. I feel like they're on fire."

Zhi leaned closer, then nodded. "They look irritated, perhaps see a doctor instead."

"I am a doctor.." Sethan smiled, gesturing ahead. "So...why was your attention diverted to me in the first place?"

"It looked like you lost something. What were you doing there? I was under the impression no one was to step off the path?" Zhi arched an eyebrow at him.

"I was gathering plants. And you look rather... handsome... when you do that." Sethan continued to smile as he studied the other Vulcan. "You can't be much older than I." They reached a nearby building and Sethan led them inside, towards a small room. "It's small but it's private," he commented, "my dorm mates generally leave me alone, they're Human. My emotions seem to make them wary of me." He gestured towards the replicator as he rummaged around a medkit. "Help yourself."

Zhi chose to ignore the compliment, not quite sure how to respond to it. Instead, he pulled off his jacket and undershirt, and replicated a new one. It was certainly faster than engaging in a prospect argument about letting it dry instead. "Do you require assistance?" he asked as he rejoined the other, carrying his old jacket and shirt over his arm.

Sethan shook his head, "No, I can manage, thank you." He proceeded to treat himself, then put his medical equipment away again. "Not the first time I had to treat myself for being a little careless," he admitted, "never anything serious though, mostly just like this time. I can get carried away when I'm studying things. you said? Any particular field?"

Again, Zhi arched an eyebrow at the man. "Curious creature, aren't we?" he teased, "planetary science mostly. Making something that isn't habitable, habitable. And you? You mentioned medicine?"

"Very curious, I'm a doctor after all. No particular specialization just yet. I'm not even sure I want to specialize. I've seen mostly Vulcans before, obviously, and I wanted to broaden my horizons so, here I am."

"Getting escorted home for getting dirt in your eyes," Zhi finished with a smile.

"It could be worse," Sethan chuckled, reaching out to adjust the older Vulcan's collar. "Can't let you get on your way with your uniform out of order," he smiled, "and you don't have to carry that, I can just recycle it for you." He paused, as if to consider something. "How about some tea?" he then suggested, feeling somewhat reluctant to just show the man the door. He could at least be hospitable, right?

"How about you meet me in the Academy's mess tonight?" Zhi counter suggested, "I have a lecture to attend shortly and can't stay. I really should hurry, actually. But I can meet you tonight as I have no alternative plans or meetings to attend."

"Sounds like a plan," Sethan replied, though he couldn't keep a note of disappointment out of his voice. "Tonight it is." He walked Zhi to the door, still smiling. "Don't startle any other people on the way," he added, a teasing smile now replacing the earlier one.

"I'll endeavour not to," Zhi returned, "I think once a day is quite enough, don't you?" With an almost charming smile, he offered a slight bow before stepping out. "Don't be late," he added before walking off.


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