The Voyage Home

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Mission: Rebirth
Location: U.S.S. Saratoga
Timeline: 2401-04-30, 09:00

Captain's Personal Log, Captain Zseeq Recording:

After an experimental refit and the devastation of Frontier Day, Starfleet Command has authorized that the Saratoga relaunch from San Francisco Yards.

I wish that I could say I was more excited though.

Saratoga has been assigned to the Maelstrom Sector, a backwater region on the outskirts of Federation Space near the Cardassian Border. I've spent half a decade there and I'm not too eager to return. Most of Starfleet looks at the Maelstrom as the end of a career and, from everything I've seen, I'm not too sure that isn't true. Saratoga is a front-line exploratory vessel, outfitted with the latest technologies known to Federation science. We should be going out there to explore beyond Romulan territory, not babysitting the Cardassians and the Kessok.

Hopefully, with some luck, something will happen out there to keep my interest.

Captain Zseeq looked at the log on the display of his desktop terminal, reading over a fifth time after having recorded it. For most people being given command of a starship was a joyous time of celebration, for him it was anything but. He had dreamed of command of a starship since he was a young child, but never did he imagine he'd be assigned to a backwater region. He wanted to be exploring, he wanted to build the Federation, instead he was being sent to the career killer.

It all made his head hurt.

Glancing at the chronometer built into the terminal, the captain knew that he was due on the Bridge. Starfleet Command was very set on their timetable and they wanted to Saratoga out there already. Instead, he was sitting in his office just staring at the same report. His own report. He was out of time and, worse, Starfleet was watching.

Sighing, Zseeq rose from his chair and reached toward the monitor of his computer. Pressing a control he deleted the Log he'd recorded and walked toward the exit.

Being a doctor didn't afford Mel many opportunities to be on the bridge but if she could swing it she liked to be there on a ships first departure. It was strange as the last time she had been on a bridge her husband had been in the big seat. Life however moved on. It always did.

She could sense a mix of excitement and not so much excitement. That made sense. Where they were heading although not fully confirmed yet - it was funny how rumours always started before the Captain stated the order, into perhaps a shadier part of space than she personally had experienced. A couple of her hosts were laughing in her head saying she had nothing to worry about. If they could survive Apartha and Leximos in their lifetimes then this was nothing to worry about.

Lieutenant Junior Grade John Fitzgerald sat at the Helm. He had been fine-tuning the controls to his preferences so he could give the crew the smoothest ride they've ever had. while fine tuning the controls, he had also been monitoring the ops console to make sure things were running smoothly.

The Humans would have called it a whirlwind of activity since the frontier day events. She had been promoted, switched divisions, undergone a joining ceremony very late in a vulcans life all down to the frontier day disaster and been assigned to one of the newer classes of Starship to 'Babysit' a Captain that the Admiral had insisted needed the cool head of a Vulcan as his right hand women.

Now, sitting in the centre seat, the teal uniform replaced for command red she felt comfortable in a most uncomfortable way. It had been made apparent that the Captain had little to no time for her. She had been pleased to see Doctor D'BrooNi again. After the frontier day she had lost touch with her so it was more than agreeable to now be working along side her.

Lieutenant Commander ch'Kakros stood at the Tactical station. He was simultaneously running final security checks as well as running final tactical and defensive systems. He wanted to make sure the ship was ready for departure.

Their few belongings squared away, Zhi'rev glanced around their new home. The children had been brought to the ship's daycare as duty did call but they would get to explore their new home as soon as his shift was done. Giving a minute nod of approval to their small family quarters, he headed up to the bridge to explore his new station.

"Captain on the Bridge," Petty Officer Miyoshi Tatsu announced from her standing position at the port mounted Master Situation Display.

Having entered through the briefing room door, Captain Zseeq looked over at the Engineering Specialist, then around the rest of the Bridge at those gathered. Tugging on his uniform tunic, the Commanding Officer nodded politely and bellowed, "As you were." That released the crew to return to their normal workstations, ready for the departure.

Sotra discreetly moved from the centre chair to the one off to the Captains right, no fuss and quietly.

Noticing the Doctor first, the Captain motioned toward the Duty Officer's Chair to the left of his Captain's Chair, "Please, Doctor, have a seat."

"Thank you Captain," Mel smiled and took the seat offered. "This is very exciting. I love ships first departures."

She wondered what his phrase would be. The order to set off. There had been so many different ones. Engage, punch it, hit it ..... What would this mans be?

The Captain looked at his First Officer as he took his chair in the center of the Bridge, "Looks like we have a full house, Commander. Think that we can give them a little adventure?"

"Given the nature of our mission I feel obliged to inform you that we will be entering an already charted area of space. It will be highly unlikely that we will find..." the next word to leave Sotra's lips seemed awkward and misplaced in only a way a Vulcan could " 'Adventure', as you put it!"

The Deltan smirked, "Then we can anticipate a smooth ride. Don't you think, Lieutenant?" The Captain asked looking at the Helmsman.

"Smooth as silk, Captain," Fitz Replied, "But, should we encounter any, I'll try to keep the bumps to a minimum."

Looking to the port mounted workstation, Zseeq saw the Chief of Security, "Is the Saratoga ready for potential risks, Commander?"

"All Security personnel are on board and have been given their designated assignments. All tactical and defensive systems are operational within normal parameters, however, I have some improvements that I'd like to implement after I discussed them with Engineering." The Andorian Security chief, his tone professional and even.

Having greeted all the personnel, Captain Zseeq took a deep breath and looked toward the viewscreen. With the fakest smile he could muster, the Captain rose from his chair and walked down the small set of stairs toward the forward workstations. "We're already running a little late, all hands standby to get underway."

"Port and starboard thrusters ready on your order, impulse and warp drive powered awaiting open space". Sotra rattled off, having been taking the stream of data coming from engineering across her console.

"Defensive and Tactical systems ready, sir."

"All decks report ready to depart Captain," Mel informed him. "Green across the board."

"Helm standing by, Captain, course set for the Maelstrom." Fitz said, "Ready when you are."

The excited Vulcan and the port station smiled. "Science reports ready," he announced, sensors are operational though short range seems a little off kilter. I'll run a diagnostic as we speak - long range is functioning properly."

Sotra kept her cool but noticed instantly the mirth on the other Vulcan's features. She had fought most of her life to suppress her Human heritage and the ensuing assault of emotions that came with it. To now be faced with a Vulcan who embraced emotions... It was almost offensive, or at least it would have been had she not been a follower of the philosophy's of Surak and the Kir'Shara, a true Vulcan. She returned her gaze to the viewscreen, making a mental note to check in with the younger officer.

"Thank you," Captain Zseeq answered as he spun his chair around to address everyone present on the Bridge. Returning his chair to its position looking at the viewscreen, the Deltan continued, "The Saratoga has just completed a systemic refit, so our trip to the Maelstrom is going to double as a shakedown cruise. Our Chief Engineer will probably love it, because I want us to push every button on this ship during our trip," he winked at the Chief Engineer.

He looked at his First Officer, "Seal the airlock." Then he moved on to the Security Chief, "Release docking clamps."

"Aye sir!" was all Sortra offered as her fingers danced across the panel to ensure the airlock was clear of personnel before she dropped the pressure doors down and engaged the locks.

"Docking clamps released." Shahr annouced after several commands entered into his console.

"Take us out, Mister Fitzgerald. Aft thrusters at one quarter, port and starboard at station keeping.

"Aye, setting Aft thrusters to one quarter, port and starboard at station keeping." Fits hands glid across the controls as he set the speed and kept an eye on the port and starboard thrusters.

Crewman Kivrass walked toward the Captain. The young Tellarite yeoman handed over a datapad, before walking off to a side panel.

Captain Zseeq looked at the contents on the PADD. Not one for speeches, the Captain said, "Starfleet Command has officially rechristened the Saratoga. We've been assigned to a mission of exploration in the Maelstrom Sector of the Alpha Quadrant. While the region is charted," he glanced at his XO as he said the word, "the region is still highly unexplored."

"After a brief stopover at Deep Space 12, we will proceed to the Omega Draconis Star System to try to establish contact with the Kessok. Starfleet last had contact with them in 2399 when the Starship Geronimo had been sent to the region under order from Sector Commander Commodore Dazad to reestablish contact. It didn't go as planned and the Kessok maintained their closed borders."

"It's not a quick trip," the Captain explained, "as Omega Draconis is nearly 76 light-years away from the Sol System. I expect everyone to take this time to explore the Saratoga herself." He looked at the Helm, "Lieutenant Fitzgerald, set course for the Maelstrom. Warp 9."

Fitzgerald nodded and turned to the controls, he set the course, then turned back to the captain, "Plotted and laid in Captain, she's ready."

Mel found herself leaning forward a little in anticipation. All eyes of all the bridge crew were on him now. What was his phrase going to be? In her mind her prior host Leiko laughed. ~The pressure!~

Captain Zseeq was certain that most of the crew would be curious to see if he had a particular catchphrase or command that he'd issue for their first trip into space. He'd heard more than a few in his time with Starfleet, some more interesting than others. When he served on the Archimedes, his Captain - Sonya Gomez - had been known to borrow Admiral Picard's 'Make it So.' Commodore Dazad had been partial to 'partire' as his phrase.

With as closely as Starfleet was monitoring him and the Saratoga, Zseeq chose a classic rather than his own catchphrase, "Execute."

Mel found herself blinking a couple of times. ~Not what I was expecting~ Leiko's voice tinkled in her mind again.

~Perhaps. But I get the feeling this catchphrase will fit the CO~ She thought back to her host and sat back in her chair, waiting for the starfield to speed up in front of them once helm "Executed".

As the Saratoga jumped to Warp toward home, Captain Zseeq hoped that the Maelstrom was ready for them, because they would be ready for it.



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